Autumn/Winter Ranges Are Beginning To Arrive

I’d like to be able to say that I have only recently started to think about new yarns for the coming Autumn/Winter season, but I’d be lying, really lying.  The truth is I started to look back in March, watching for the anticipated coming trends and beginning to consider shades and textures.  The actual yarn companies start to show their yarns as early as May and having to plan ahead can be a little difficult at times.

It’s clear from all of the yarn companies that super chunky yarn is going to be big, really big, with everything from accessories to garments.  There’s also a definite move towards creating home furnishings in knitting and crochet, which is great for those of us that like to decorate our houses too.

For us, it’s important to try and get our new ranges in in stages; most of it will arrive in from September on.  There are however several exceptions, one of which is Swift Knit from Stylecraft. 064 We’ve gone for 9 fab colours and I’m already busy knitting a shop sample with the grey. (see the photo at the bottom) Each 100g contains 60metres/66yards. It consists of 80% acrylic and 20% wool and knits to a tension of 8.5 stitches to 12 rows on 10mm needles. And all at the great price of €4.90 per ball




As you can see there are lots of great patterns, which makes it a little difficult to choose one to knit.  So far I’ve whittled it down to either this one –


or this one –


and this is the pattern I’m already knitting as a shop sample and for Dina.


It only takes 3 balls and is a lovely quick knit, providing you don’t do what I did and read the pattern wrong!  You’ll then have to frog your work and start again.  I’ll pop a photo of the finished cowl up when I’ve persuaded my model to pose for me.

Which pattern has tempted you the most then?

Happy Knitting!

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