Here Comes the Sun

It has been truly beautiful here on the farm for the last couple of days and it always amazes me how much a little ☀️ sunshine☀️ can make you feel so much lighter.

It’s a welcome sight I can tell you, as the house is feeling a little empty and a whole lot quieter after having my daughter, her beau and baby Arthur home for a few days.  He’s such a good baby, he barely ever cries and it was lovely to hear him chatting away to his parents in the morning whilst they were all trying to wake up.

With all the boys back home for work, it was a very full house, but I think we managed and if anyone’s arms got tired from the constant bouncing (Arthur loves it), there was always another pair ready to take over.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner became ‘who’s going to cuddle the baby’ time with the adults in the house (6 of us) all vying for the position.

So despite the slightly emptier and quieter house, the sun’s appearance has helped to keep me upbeat.

Having said that, I’ve been trying very hard to ignore a very sore shoulder and the RA flare that’s happening right now.  The feet – well they’re always an issue and I’d sell my soul for a new pair, but the hands are plaguing me at the moment.  I’m thinking it could be because I haven’t been knitting as much as I usually do, which is unusual in itself and hopefully the root of the problem.

I’ve just finished a couple of smaller projects including the Bitty Cache I was making for Arthur and I’m currently knitting a little cardi for a friend’s new daughter, but, I’ve no large knit on the go at the moment.  I’ve been pattern stalking on Ravelry looking for inspiration and have discovered a love for all things, Elizabeth Smith.

Originally, I was going to cast on the Ramona Cardigan (like I need another cardi), but I had a severe bout of makers guilt.  The design is a lovely, classic knit, one in truth I could do myself without the need to purchase another pattern, so I’ve been resisting the temptation to.  However, there are times in everyone’s life when it’s better to accept that you’re feeling a little lazy and would much prefer to follow someone else’s directions – right?

Having convinced myself of this, I logged on to Ravelry to purchase and download the Ramona Cardigan when I spotted Stevie. Again it’s an easy knit, one I could easily replicate, but sod it, life is too short.  So I’ve just purchased it and intend to peruse the exhibits in my yarn museum later this evening when the menfolk return from work to help me.

They wouldn’t have to help me If I hadn’t cleared all of my stash out of the room to make way for the baby.  Now, looking at the pile of crates that are sitting in the utility room, it’s hard to believe I’d managed to squeeze it all into such a small space.

Note to self – it’s not really a museum, so use more of your stash.

In the meantime, whilst I’m waiting for some help to move the boxes I think it might be time to start my Explorations in Colour Tapestry Weaving.  It’s an ongoing project that the members of the Handweavers Guild of Cork are undertaking, where we all weave an 8 by 8 inch piece using only one colour.  Our colours were randomly selected and I was given green.

However, my piece is currently still very much in the white stage 😳

(Smacks head! – Frame is upside down in the photo too)

Happy Making

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3 thoughts on “Here Comes the Sun

  1. I can imagine that the quiet feels strange after having the house full, especially with a happy baby among the guests!! I hope you don’t miss them too much and the return soon!

    I’m super curious how the weaving will go – both cardigans are BEAUTIFUL! I love the simplicity and elegance of both (I almost queued the baby cardigan, too, but my niece is too big for it now and I just knit her something; and the next baby has already a pattern picked for. 😉 )

    • Thank you so much for your kind thoughts Julia, I cherish every day that I get to breathe the same air as my family.

      The weaving has finally started, although as is usual with me, my brain is already racing ahead to the next project.

      Did you see the larger version of the Bitty Cache? I think it’s called the Cache Pullover and it has a cowl neck for extra cosiness. Perhaps something to save in your Ravelry Favourites for future knits?


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