Self Imposed Knitting Pressure

I’m knitting to a deadline for the next issue of Olann and.  Nothing new there, but it can have the tendency to suck the joy out of what you’re working on.  Fortunately, that isn’t the case with my current knit, but it is killing me that I can’t share my progress.  It’s not even something that I could take the odd close up of because I think it might give the game away.

I did post a photo on Instagram of the yarn I’m using, a lovely mix of greys and blues, but anything else might be a tease too far.  It’s a 4ply project and I’m knitting it using the throwing method, rather than the Portuguese but my right hand is playing me up a little at the moment, so it feels like it’s taking ages.  I’ve set myself a certain amount of rows to get through each day and if all goes to plan, I should be finished on Monday, just in time for my daughter to arrive on Tuesday.

This time last week I should have been here in Brighton.

Instead, this happened and snow stopped planes…..

Unfortunately not dog walks though.

and I found myself mummified under layer upon layer of clothing, just to try and keep out the biting wind.  (I took this photo to show my family)

I had been making a pair of woolly mittens to take with me to Brighton, using two strands of wool held together, but stopped when Ryanair text to say my flight was cancelled.

Having got over my displeasure of not being able to visit my daughter as planned, I picked up the project and finished them.

I always find it interesting the way the yarn sits when you hold two strands together.  It’s particularly noticeable at the top of the mitt where I’ve decreased.  Look how different it is.

Maybe I’m alone in my fascination?  What can I say, it’s the little things 😌

Progress on my Knitted Diary has been going extremely well up until this week that is.  This week looks a lot like the photo at the top of this post, mostly because I’ve used up all my knitting time on the magazine project.  I’m hoping to catch up a little today, it being Saturday and all, but that depends on what else the day holds in store.

I changed things up in the last two weeks of the Diary.  You’ll notice there is a little cream rectangle at either end?  Ten rows to be precise, which I’m going to use to attach the piece to the backing when it’s complete.  I was originally going to knit strips and join those to the four edges of the finished piece, but I think this might be easier in the long run.  I’ll still have to do the cream strips for either end of the finished Diary, but they’ll take next to no time to knit and join.

I did get a washcloth made for the #yarnhoarderdishclothchallenge although I’ve dropped back to being two weeks behind again.  Still, eight is better than none, or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

If I manage to catch up with my Knitted Diary and maybe get a washcloth made, I might cast the Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies on for Dina, although I’m not sure I’ll have it finished by the time she heads back to Brighton.  I just love the jumper and now the cardi, but am not convinced either would suit my short, buxom frame, so I’ll have to settle for gift knitting it instead.  After that, I really should cast on a baby knit or two for the imminent arrival of one of my good friends baby.

Just a little knitting planned.

Happy Making

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