Knitting, What Knitting?

Blimey, can you believe it’s already April, not only that we’re into the second week?

I’ve been on a bit of a blogging hiatus for the last few weeks.  My daughter was here for a few days and then my husband was back from working in the UK for a week, so I selfishly enjoyed my time with them instead.  When all of them had gone, I suddenly realised that I’d left myself with quite a lot of work to catch up on for the Spring Awakenings Issue of Olann and, so panic stations ensued.

I’ve noticed for about three to four days after we publish that I’m completely allergic to my desk and want to be as far away as possible from my PC.  The same sort of happens, but to a lesser degree, with my knitting needles and I’m beginning to wonder if I need to change something about the way I manage my projects?

I’ve kept up with my Knitted Diary in the main, but I’m behind on my washcloths and whilst I’m working away on a couple of projects I’m not feeling the love much at the moment.  Perhaps, I need to have a new cast on ready and waiting?

Excuse me while I go and peruse the designs on Ravelry…….  Guess what I’m going to be blogging about next time?

Truth be told, the current issue of Olann and did involve rather a lot of work, the majority of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I mean I’m not fond of the typing and I find I can get quite frustrated with my internet speed, but on the whole, I get a huge sense of satisfaction from it.

There was a fair bit of knitting and crochet for this issue, which Deirdre and I split.  I made the pink version of Amanda’s Hat, the Sirdar Baby Cardigan and the blue version Modulations Cowl.

I have to admit to really getting into the Yarn Review this time.  I had even mentioned to Deirdre that she might have to shorten the text because I could have written a complete essay on all of those we included.  I’m thinking I might even write a follow-up blog post about some if not all of them, as there’s even more to tell.


Apparently, having done all of this I still felt the need to play with yarn a little more, so I made the Crochet Gift Boxes.  The idea has been in my head for the longest time now and any sensible person might have looked at Pinterest first and then got to work.  Not me then!

Instead, I sat and played with cardboard, punches and yarn for a good afternoon trying to work out the best size of hole, the spacing, the hook size and even which stitch to use.  It was only then that I thought to check Pinterest and discovered lots of lovely examples, none of which, I’m happy to report were like mine, but that’s beside the point.  (doh!)


I am allowed to admit to really liking the Christmas card one I made too?  It’s totally kitsch I know, but it still appeals.  (what that says about me I dread to think)

Anyway, I’ll blog about each of the projects separately soon, but it’s occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the items I made in the last issue; Pale Fire and Blackwater Rambles.

Slightly aware as I am, that this post is already a little long, I’ll focus on just one of them this time.


Pale Fire is a fabulous A-Line Jumper with lace details and unusual neckline (yes that is me in the photos).  Designed by LB Handknits, the jumper is knitted using Cushendale DK which is a crisp, rustic, woolly wool, that softens a little after washing, but not so much that you’d want to knit baby clothes in it.

The structure of the yarn gives the garment a slightly Japanese look to it, as does the neck which is a cross between a funnel neck and a boat neck.  It’s wider than a standard funnel neck, but not low enough to be strictly called a boat neck.


I made the short sleeve version, whilst Albina who is LB Handknits made the long sleeve version.  At a 34F, I’m sporting rather big boobs, but have a small back, 😵  therefore I made the 36″ and Albina made the 34″, which as you can see fitted me too.

I’ve worn my version on several occasions, it’s the perfect thing to throw on over my daily uniform of jeans and a long sleeve top.  For once, I’m delighted to have made a short sleeved jumper as the Cushendale yarn is sooo very warm.  I might even go so far as to say that it’s warmer than my Cushendale Aran Weight cardigan, which makes no sense at all.  It’s a great design, warm, cosy and very flattering, especially if like me you’re partial to a slice of cake.

Cushendale DK is available straight from the mill via their website and costs €8.50 per 100g ball.  There are 200 metres on each ball, so a little goes a long way and there’s a great range of colours.  If you’re in the  Graig-na-managh are of County Kilkenny, then you can purchase the yarn from the shop, otherwise, I know Rosemary stocks it at The Constant Knitter in Dublin.

I enjoyed that, I mean writing this post.  Although the dogs are in need of a walk so I should quit while I’m ahead and not be tempted to click on to Ravelry – oops!

Happy Making

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