What a Super Speedy Baby Knit

Untitled design (3)

I want to be more like an elephant!

No my nose doesn’t need to be any bigger thank you very much, nor do I see the benefit of mud baths.  Well……

Rather I’d like to own their fabled memory.  I can be so forgetful sometimes, it’s not funny.  I knew my friends granddaughter was a rather bonny lass, at over 10lb (eye’s are watering at the thought and legs are crossed very tightly), but for some reason, it didn’t compute that she might be too big to fit into one of the newborn knits I have stashed away.

That was until Monday evening, when I realised in a mild panic, that I’d planned to meet said Grandma for tea and a catch up on Tuesday night.  My first reaction was to pull out my bag of stashed knits and set about checking to see if there was a bigger one hidden in the bottom of the bag – no.

Second reaction was to consider buying something on Tuesday morning – no.


Third reaction was to look at Ravelry, which was when I remembered the Entrechat by Lisa Chemery.  I’ve only knitted the design once before and I immediately remembered just how cut the little bolero comes up and most importantly  – how quick it is to knit.

My only dilemma then was yarn, which was genuinely tricky, I kid you not.  Despite all the yarn I have, I couldn’t find anything in a pretty pink, which I know is sometimes the safest option.  After much rummaging in crates, stopping occasionally to marvel at a ball of yarn I’d discovered, I decided that maybe a nice neutral ivory was the way to go.

2016-06-27 22.22.51 (2)

You might have spotted my photo on Instagram, of the yarn?  It was left over from the last grand-baby knit I did, the rainbow garter stitch blanket.  I’d used two new balls of Adriafil New Zealand yarn to work the i-cord border, so as not to have to join in new yarn.  This meant I was left with 2 balls weighing roughly 60 grams each.  Perfect!

Discovering, or rather not discovering any 5mm Knitpro tips and feeling far too under pressure to go and find some, I went with 4.5mm instead.

2016-06-28 19.07.20

I started knitting at around 6 in the evening and was finished by 12pm, but stopped to cook, eat, wash-up, walk the dogs and get some washing in.  So it probably took about 4 hours in total.  If you’ve seen The Not Olann and Podcast, Episode 2 you already know all this (sorry).

2016-06-28 19.07.20-1

The Entrechat is a design that features in the One Skein Wonders for Babies book, but it only includes baby sizes eg. up to 18 months.  If you purchase the pattern via Ravelry it will cost you €4.75 and includes sizes from 0-3 months – 5-6 years.  Totally worth it because you’re definitely going to knit it more than once.

The little cardi is knit from the top down and as you can see has a little decorative stitch band across the body, cap sleeves and a slight frill around the bottom.  As mine is wet in the photographs, it’s not sitting great, but I guarantee once dry, it will be bouncy and frilly.

I sewed in my ends and set it out to block.  Still wet before I left, I had no other choice but to sew the button on, ever mindful that it would pick up any bit of dirt.

So I presented a still damp Entrechat to Grandma to pass on to her daughter for her daughter.  It was only then that my good friend confessed that the jumper I’d made for her grandson when he had been born was too small ☺ Phew! Aren’t I glad I made something in 3-6 months this time.

Before I go, I realised I haven’t shown you the last pair of socks I’d cast off.  I’d shown them on the 1st tongue in cheek podcast, so assumed I had shared them here too.

2016-06-04 17.54.11 (2)

I’ve loaded up all the relevant details in my project page on Ravelry, so please pop over if you want to check the yarns I used.  These are my first pair of Afterthought Heel Socks, pretty cool and great if your knitting a colourwork sock I guess.

2016-06-04 17.54.35 (2)

It was my standard sock pattern, with a French Toe, nothing fancy.  As you can see in the photo, I managed to somehow place my decreases in different parts of the sock.  I was going to rip one back, but in all honesty, there’s no difference when I wear them and no ones going to see my toes under my shoes are they?

Happy Making

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2 thoughts on “What a Super Speedy Baby Knit

  1. what a beautiful little cropped cardi! I agree, the ivory is beautiful, and probably an even better choice than if you had found some pink in your stash. And those socks are so awesome!! I love the contrasting green toes and heels.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you about the cream. It makes it much more versatile. I love the socks, my only dilemma is what colour shoes to wear them with 😲

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