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2016-06-26 10.28.54

I’m an early riser, especially when I don’t have to be.  It’s Sunday, so it’s OK to have a lie in, but oh no, that never works does it?  My eyes were forced open by 6 and no amount lying still with my eyes closed brought about some much needed extra zzz’s.

Having tried for some time rather unsuccessfully to go back to sleep, I gave in bathed, did some chores and took the dogs for a lengthy stroll instead (as you know, I’ve four of them now).  Stepping out of my front door, I was immediately hit by the scent of Lavender.  As you can see, I’ve two plants growing in old milk churns outside the door.  As you can probably also see, there are no flowers yet either, but the scent from the plants themselves is super strong already.

2016-06-26 10.20.21

Early this morning it was warm, but grey and overcast here in Lismore, with a blanket of cloud that felt like it had smothered the noise of the day out.  Does that make sense?  The photos really capture the mood actually.

Lost in my own thoughts and about as far away from my house as you can get, whilst still on the farm, I suddenly realised how quiet it was. The farm was unmistakably silent, there was no noise, save for the odd crow cawing as it flew above.

2016-06-26 10.20.33

Listening a little more, I began to make out the unmistakable sound of a steam engine coming up behind me.  Well OK, it wasn’t a real steam engine it was my Black Labrador, chugging away behind me, trying her best to catch up.  She’s ‘pleasantly plump’ (that’s two of us) and a bit of an old girl now (her not me), but she does like to act like she’s still a baby.  So she runs around like a loony when we first go out and then does her best to keep up, despite being exhausted.  Her chugging always reminds me of the children’s program Ivor the Engine.

My poor family have had to endure years of me quoting the program every time I hear the dog coming up behind me.  It was on the BBC back in the 80’s and I’d probably find it quite charming now, but when I was a child I remember I found it rather dull, so heaven knows why it’s stuck with me for so long.

2016-06-26 10.22.37

That’s the fourth dog there, way off behind us.  She’s a Norwegian Elkhound and probably gets a little warm under all that fur on a walk.  Either that or she’s just being prissy.

2016-06-26 10.27.13

As we drew closer to the house, the silence was invaded by the cows and these little calves, probably wondering where their mums are 😦  One of the realities of farm life I guess.

2016-06-26 10.35.53

On a happier note, the sewing machine came out this week and after some very gentle persuasion, it agreed to co-operate.  I made myself an extremely basic tunic, using the instructions in the Modern Natural Dyer by Kristine Vejar to take with me to the Indigo Workshop I was attending yesterday.

2016-06-25 14.57.12 (2)

It’s an Olann and item, so I can’t share much about the workshop yet but I can give you a glimpse of the yummy blue.  Once the July issue is out, I’ll fill you in properly about my tunic and how it turned out, promise.

A trip to Dublin, gave me the ideal opportunity to swing home via The Constant Knitter to pick up a couple of hanks of Rosemary’s latest woolly arrival – Brooklyn Tweed.

2016-06-26 10.36.31

Rosemary has 37 shades of Shelter and Loft and 10 shades of Quarry, which really tested my powers of restraint.  However, I remained steadfast and managed to stick with my plan and only purchase two hanks of Shelter, which is an aran weight and ideal for my son Du’s favourite hat.


2016-06-26 11.59.45

When I got home, I was desperate to get the yarn on to the swift and wound into some cakes, but I’m sticking to my plan of trying to work on WIP’s from the sin bin.  So instead I was good and pulled my Climb Every Mountain out of the bag.

Note to self – TAKE BETTER NOTES WHEN YOU PUT A WIP DOWN LORA!  (especially when you make changes you stupid woman)

It’s all sorted after a good deal of counting, recounting and recounting again, I know where I’d gotten up to and the needles were merrily working away until Adele finished her set at Glastonbury.

I hope your weekend has been as lovely so far, did you catch any of the Glastonbury highlights on the BBC?  There’s so many fab people playing today, I’m planning a front row seat later to watch Jeff Lynne’s ELO, PJ Harvey, Earth Wind & Fire and of course Beck.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Happy Making 

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