I Told You I’d Made Two


By now the whole world must have heard of the Nellie May Shawl from the latest issue of Olann and.  It went completely bonkers across all the social media networks and the #nelliemaykal is creating more interaction and a great buzz among the knitting community.

I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I made a few typing errors, when I was tech editing for the feature, but I’m hoping (fingers and toes crossed) that I’ve discovered and fixed all of them.  We plan to format all of our featured designs into pdf’s to make them easier to download, but at the moment it’s been put on the ‘to do list’, as we’ve a few more pressing things to sort first.


Finally there has been a long enough break in the weather, for me to convince one of my men folk, to take some photos of my first Nellie May Shawl.

Thee yarn I used was 100% merino and I think it’s interesting to see how different the shawl drapes to the version I knitted in Ellie and Ada’s Silk Merino in the top photo.


It’s still as beautiful, but it’s squishyer (you know what I mean), it doesn’t flow as much as the one with silk, but that also means it’s going to stay in place.




Both the wool and the wool/silk blend block well, this version is probably a little more forgiving of any repairs you may have to make.  For example picking up a yarn over, where you’ve forgotten to add one.


I love both versions, although as we all know, I am a wool girl, it’s where my heart is.  Double whammy, this is yarn I dyed myself, so it feels super special.



Currently, I’m knitting my third Nellie May Shawl as part of the Nellie May Knitalong.  I was convinced it was going to feel a little like pulling teeth as it’s my third version, but I’m actually enjoying it.  This time I’m using Silk/Merino fro Irish Fairytale Yarns in their Irish Orange colourway.

I’m am planning on making a few alterations to the original pattern, including:

  • Instead of working a stocking stitch 3 st border, mine is garter stitch
  • I’m working a yo between the border sts and the m1 at each side on the knit row and then working my m1 on the purl row in this yo.  You have to re-orintate the stitch first, but it should create a little more give in the border.
  • I’m planning to work only 3 repeats of the lace pattern.

There’s only one problem…….

I’m not allowed to enter the Finished Object (FO) in the prize draw  😥

I’ve loads more to show, but it’s such a lengthy post already so I’ll blog again soon.

Happy Making!

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