Late As Ever


When I posted the other day, I had great plans to publish again the day after.  That was Sunday and it’s Wednesday already, what’s happened?  It’s not like I’ve been stuck under a pile of chocolate eggs or something, anyway, better late than never I guess….

As you might expect there has been  knitting, although not that much if I’m honest as I’ve been a bit befuddled by the new medication I’m taking.  It works beautifully at fixing the problem ( Rheumatoid Arthritis), but it’s giving me the most incredibly painful migraines.  I’ve suffered from migraines for as long as I can remember and can usually function on some level with them, but this is different.  Everything is unbearable noise, light, sitting down, laying down even breathing and their interfering with my life for between one to three days.  A headache is the most common contraindication of this medication, so I was prepared but…I’ve a rheumatology appointment later today to discuss my new treatment, so wish me luck.


I’m behind on my baby knitting and really wanted to use up some of my ends.  These are just a few of my aran weight merino or merino blend yarns.


As you can see, I’ve started a baby blanket using one end of the scrap yarn held double with a strand of Ivory aran weight yarn.  I’m being extra frugal and using as much of the yarn as possible, even if that means the colour change happens on a reverse side row.  Personally I love the look of a colour change on the wrong side row of garter stitch.

I’m using size 7mm needles and i provisionally cast on the stitches, so I can go work an applied I-Cord edge around the blanket, probably in the ivory.

It’s growing nicely and I’ve even managed to knit the odd row, propped up in bed with the curtains drawn.

I’m well into my second ball of the ivory and there’s 200 metres on each.  I’m guessing I’ll need to knit at least one more for it to be a usable size.


The baby is here, Issac (squeal), so I must get cracking, except I’m off designing again using this lovely stuff.


Then there’s my missing Arne and Carlos socks, which I’ve found and are now distracting me completely, as I near the finishing line with them.  If that wasn’t bad enough the Nellie May Kal begins on Saturday and I have a garment to get knitted for the next issue of the magazine too.

Guess what?


These arrived too, so I can move my Blueberry Waffle Socks over and get back to working on them 😉

Happy making!

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2 thoughts on “Late As Ever

  1. Well I surely know what medication for pain can do…can’t understand how it works beautiful dor lne part of the body and mwsses up the heat. Carry on knitting if you can. Best for freeing the mind.

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