I Think I Might Cry


You remember the socks I’d been knitting in the Arne and Carlos yarn, the ones with the Fish Lips Kiss Heel?


Well, I finished the knitting and just needed to sew in the ends.  Armed with my sewing needle I had a strange urge to try them on first – no idea why?  Whatever the reason, I was glad I did, as they were both a little snug.  So I ripped back both toes, added 14 extra rows on each and then reworked them.  No problem, not much time wasted and I’d rather they fitted.

I was working to a test knitting deadline on another design, so I put them to one side to sew the ends in later (as you do) and kind of forgot about them.  I grabbed them on the way out of the door to my guild weekend workshop last week and shoved them in my knitting basket, hoping I’d find some time to finish them off.

I was so engrossed with my weaving over the weekend, that I didn’t find the time however, I did take one out of my bag to show some of my woolly friends.  I popped it straight back into my basket, just as I was leaving my meeting and headed home.

Do you know where this is going yet?

The next time I delved into my basket was to go to knitting group on Wednesday evening and I’m not sure if both socks were in there then, but I was working on something different and didn’t go digging far into the basket.

Yesterday, when I went to gather some wips to finish whilst catching up on my podcasts, I discovered one was missing.  Yes you did read that right ONE OF MY SOCKS IS MISSING!!!

I’ve asked my friend if it fell out in her studio, nope.  She also checked her garden and driveway, nope, nope, nope.


Now I’m trying not to get to upset and to have a little faith that the missing sock will turn up.  Faith is after all my word for 2016.

But, I’m incredibly sad to have lost it and could honestly cry.  Maybe they just weren’t meant to be mine and that’s cool, but……

Just in case


Happy Making!

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