It’s Pretty Isn’t It?

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I can finally talk about my latest FO now the latest issue of Olann and has been published.  It’s the Nellie May Shawl designed by OfBlitheSpirit aka Alitzah Grant and I’m sure you must have all seen it by now, as it’s gone viral.

The version pictured above and modeled by my good friend and knitting compadre Sadie, was knitted in the beautiful Silk Merino 4Ply yarn.  It was specially dyed for the shawl and magazine KAL by Laura over at Ellie and Ada in County Meath.

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Laura dyed the yarn for me and I wasn’t sure what to expect as my only specification was anything but purple.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this beautiful yarn cake, in colours that just make you want to dive in.  (In case you’re wondering it’s called Jadis)

I’ve actually knitted the Nellie May Shawl twice so far, this is my second version.  As we’re going to be using the design for our first magazine KAL, I needed to make sure I knew the design inside out in case there were any problems.  I also felt it was important to have row by row instructions so knitters of all abilities can join in.  I’m hoping I haven’t forgotten to include anything or got my numbers mixed up, but if I have, it should be easy to fix (hopefully).

I’ll take some photos of my first Nellie May and share them with you, unlike the magazine sample I knitted it in a semi solid colourway and the yarn is a 100% merino.  More about that when I post.


The photos of the Nellie May Shawl have been extremely well received, which is a relief considering the lengths I had to go to, to get them.  Deirdre and I met our 3 models in Glenbower Woods on a beautiful sunny day, unfortunately it was probably too sunny.

We had a great time, getting the photos of Liam in his Glenbower Vest first, so he could go and play with his brother and sisters.  He was the ♥star♥ of the day and doesn’t he look lovely too?  With no time to waste,  we found a great spot to photograph Sadie and Lee Ann (the extremely photogenic model and good friend wearing the Oboe Shawl).

As we’re all friends, the laughter flowed and Deirdre and I snapped away, taking hundreds of photos.  Pausing to adjust the shawls or make tea – there’s always tea.  I was prepared with mugs, flask of hot water, assorted tea bags, milk and chocolate and the all important rubbish bag 😉

Saying our goodbyes, we headed home with a great sense of achievement.  So you can imagine how upset we were to discover that the Silk Merino yarn had reflected the sun.  The majority of our photos of Sadie were absolutely gorgeous, but you could barely make out the different shades in the gradient yarn.

Bugger it!

Panic stations ensued and I really thought we’d have to drag poor Sadie away, for a second round of photos.  In a last ditch attempt to fix the situation without driving my friend mad, I looked through Ravelry to get some ideas and then went walking around the farm.

The day was bloody awful, very dull, overcast and with a force nine gale whipping around the place.  Undeterred I found a spot I liked and roped my men folk in to help.  Du had to drill screws into the stone work below the door and attach some fishing gut.

Plan 1 – Camera at the ready I began to take some photos, but the wind kept catching the shawl and blowing it off the wire.

Plan 2 – My hubby stood next to the door holding a large sheet of insulation board to try and prevent the wind from lifting the shawl.

All of this was happening while (have you guessed)?), I was perched up a ladder.  This is actually a door about 7ft off the ground 

The lengths we go to 🙂

Would you believe I’m going to knit a third Nellie May Shawl too?  I can’t help it, it will feel like I’m missing out if I don’t join in with the KAL.  I want to actually be able to chat on the Ravelry thread, not just moderate – how boring would that be?  I’ve ordered some yarn (not that I really needed to) and I’m going to make the next one in a completely different colour, which I’ll show you when it arrives.



Before I run out the door to meet my knittery friends for a catch up, I wanted to share this lovely little present my friends children bought me to say thanks for the bag full of crafting supplies I sent home for them. (Part of my much needed clear out)


How well do they know me?  I’m guessing they had help.


There were also eggs, individually painted in their own basket, complete with a handwritten tag.  How adorable is that?

Enjoy the long weekend, hope you get to spend some time making.

Happy Easter

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