Oh Dear

Oh dear indeed…….

The number of projects I’m currently working on has gotten a little out of hand lately and I only realised how bad things were getting when I opened a project bag and discovered about a third of a blanket knitted in beautiful, Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino that I’d completely forgotten about.  Hoping to regain control I frogged it!  All 600 metres of it!!!! Ouch!

So in an effort to overcome my problem and in the hope that I’ll manage to complete some of the ongoing wip’s I’d like to confess.

2014-03-24 12.05.02
Wip mania

Sorry for the awful pic, the sun wasn’t shining my way.

So…. They consist of

A piece of green knitting that needs to be felted and made into brooches.

One lace sock that needs it’s equally lacy partner.

3 balls of yarn for a gift that needs to be knitted ASAP as the birthday is looming.

There’s a beautiful piece of red knitting belonging to 8 year old Aoife from my children’s knitting group that needs sewing up into a cowl.

There’s a shop sample jumper in Stylecraft Stars.

Another shop sample is the woolly sheep I’ve made in Sirdar’s Snowflake Chunky and Snuggly Dk that needs sewing up and stuffing but I’d like to make some more legs so it’s a little more multi-coloured.

There’s the blue, grey and red Alice Cardigan that I’m knitting for myself.

More socks for me too.

Ongoing are the Knit Happens Stockings for the East Cork Rapid Response.

Also the Attic 24 inspired crochet flowers.

Catrina aka Purl Petal is to blame for the crochet squares.  If she hadn’t brought her beautiful blanket into the shop to show me, I wouldn’t have needed to start one.  Go and check it out  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/PurlPetal/granny-squares-crochet-blanket


10 in total


Whist I was pulling out my patterns and books I realised that I’ve also been working on a jumper for my son Durahn, but have stopped because I need to check his measurements.

2014-03-24 12.11.38


Also, if this really is a confession, then I should probably include the bag of crochet bunting that I add to occasionally.  The two easy, cinema knitting scarves that I have hanging on the back of the door and my beautiful Moody Blanket.  The main part of which is finished but I need good light to photograph knitting the applied i-cord edge for a ‘how to’ post.

This is the missing, offending jumper for my son.  It’s beautiful and the yarn is lovely to work with but he’s 6 feet tall so it’s gonna be the right size even if I have to tie him up to measure him.

2014-03-27 09.01.39

How many wip’s do you have on the go?  I hope it’s not as bad as me.

I can’t even claim that they’re mostly for the shop this time.

Happy Knitting!

(we’re going to sweep gracefully over the three other projects I frogged and the crate full of items that just need sewing up too 😉 aren’t we?)

6 thoughts on “Oh Dear

  1. Oh my gosh I have the same problem! One half finished scarf that never seems to get any closer to completion, a toy for a looming baby shower, a blanket I’ve just started, a few experiments that need to be stitched together, and lots of ‘ear marked’ skeins that haven’t seen light of day yet! I’m a little scared to count…

  2. Reblogged this on Runny Babbit and commented:
    I saw this post and related – as I’m sure other crafters do! I have a scarf for the poor El Boyfriendo that never seems to get near completion, a half-knitted toy, some purses that need to be stitched together, a blanket I started… and counting! What are you working on at the moment?

  3. I’ll volunteer myself to knit the sublime baby blanket for you. I’d knit with sublime forever, it’s divine . Just to ease your work load of course….

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