Very Dissappointed Moi

I have posts to write about holiday wool shopping and holiday knitting but I returned to work today to discover that one of my favourite yarns is being discontinued.

Rico Poem Aran

Poem Aran for those of you that need reminding is a beautiful, multi-coloured pure wool.  Each luscious 50g contains 100 metres of pure yarn love.  Most people tend to use it as a fantastic substitute for Noro Silk Garden or Kureyon and it is best used in plainer patterns that allow the beauty of the yarn to shine through.

Our shadow scarf hangs in the shop and is created using two different shades of the yarn.  By working in 2 row stripes the variegation of the yarns make for an interesting colour pattern.  This scarf takes 2 balls of each shade.


Poems aran also felts, this little handbag also took 4 balls to knit


If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, then maybe this will be.

poster poem

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