You Forget How Small Babies Are.

I’m really lucky I have 3 beautiful children, that make every day special and I don’t mean that in the hearts and flowers sense, more in the ‘count my lucky stars’ way.  It’s been a good number of years since I had super small babies of my own and to be honest my womb very rarely nudges pangs of broodiness my way anymore.  However, there are exceptions and the new book ‘What to Knit When You’re Expecting’ by Nikki Van De Car is one of those times.

The cover photo hints at what’s to come and expect a rush of ‘ahhhs and oooooooo’s’ to overcome you, whilst your brain tricks you into forgetting all about the sleepless nights, stinky nappies and desperation to talk to any adult as long as they speak ‘grown up’.

There are 28 patterns for simple mittens, baby blankets, hats and sweaters inside according to the cover which in no way explains the delights inside.  The designs do include the afore mentioned articles in addition there is a skirt, dress, legwarmers, sleepsack (above) and bloomers.  The book is set out under the three trimesters with the patterns (where appropriate), in 3 sizes 0-3months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months.

My favourite patterns in the first trimester section of the book are:-

Summer Sky Blanket

The Summer Sky Blanket is knitted in Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton which is absolutely gorgeous but an American yarn and therefore difficult to find.  The blanket is made using 5mm’s so any standard weight aran yarn should work as a replacement.  I quite like the cotton look and would probably use Rico’s Creative Cotton Aran as my substitute.

It goes without saying that the Baby Cosy pictured on the front of the book is particularly divine and is knitted in a chunky weight yarn

In the second trimester section of the book it would be more a case of what I want to knit first.

Autumn Leaves Cardigan

The Autumn Leaves Cardigan is so beautiful and something I’d love in my size.  It’s made in a double knit yarn and is super sweet.

Striped Boatneck Sweater

The Striped Boatneck sweater demonstrates how a simple little pattern can have stunning results.  The use of double moss stitch on the bands adds great detail and the design lends itself to both girls and boys.  Again it’s knitted in a double knit yarn.

Cuffed Trousers

The Cuffed Trousers in double knit are a fabulous addition to every babies wardrobe and the addition of the little tabs makes them super practical for chubby little legs.

(oh god I so need grandchildren – be just my luck they’re allergic to wool?)

Time Flies Booties

The delicate little Time Flies Booties in the third trimester of the book, are so pretty that I’d quite like to display several pairs of them in vintage, candy colours on a shelf.  The shelf would be in my imaginary house that is always clean, tidy and organised too.

Maddox Hat

I’m also fond of the little Maddox Hat which is a great design for keeping the chill off babas ears.

Hannah Jacket

My absolute favourite garment in the whole book though has to be the Hannah Jacket.  Maybe it’s because I love duffle coats, or it could be the use of an applied I-cord edge or the clean, simple lines of the design.  Whatever the reason I think it’s a fabulous little design and would work well for either sex.  It would be a great pattern to have in larger sizes as all kids look great in a duffle coat (some adults too).

What To Knit When You’re Expecting is a great buy for those of you that like to knit for babies, or in my case long to.

Happy Knitting!

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