Is it possible to drown in wool?

Ok, so I probably mean suffocate, but you get what I’m trying to say.
As it’s full knitting and crochet season right now it seems like there’s at least one sizable delivery arriving in each week, and to be honest it’s hard work.  There’s the lugging backwards and forwards of the sacks of yarn, as most of them still get delivered to the house. Then there’s the sorting, checking and recording of the yarn/patterns followed by what can only be described as a ‘nightmare’: the inevitable task of trying to find space in the stock room.  While summer yarns present their own problems – cottons, linens and bamboos are firmer yarns so it’s difficult to squeeze extra on the shelves – in winter the yarns are bulkier, squidgier, and to be honest dangerous.

Today, I was stacking a pile of new yarn behind one of the doors in the stock room (it’s the only space I could find!). There was a protest made, the yarn tumbled down, closing said door, which I promptly banged into while being attacked by the falling yarn??????  Unsurprisingly, I gave in and packed up several sacks of yarn to bring home to store in the stock room here.

In the three huge sacks and one rather large box that I unpacked last week there were loads of goodies from King Cole including:-

Galaxy Chunky
Galaxy Chunky

Galaxy chunky is the same great yarn as the double knit version that King Cole released around this time last year but as the name suggests it’s a chunky weight and is available in the six shades pictured.  To complement the yarn there are some great new designs, some of which would knit up in next to no time, great for gift knitting.  In addition to the Galaxy Chunky we also bought a really lovely sapphire blue in the double knit version.


Sapphire, a beautiful baby yarn also arrived in.  As did Glitz which is similar to the sapphire but in more adult/Christmas shades. I assume the red will be quite popular for little people knits.  Both yarns have a little lame running through them for that little bit of a sparkle.


As you might expect there were new shades in Value Chunky, Wicked, and a few shades in another baby yarn Melody, which is very similar to Sirdar Baby Changes.

Last but not least is the beautiful 4ply Merino in eight scrumptious shades. This yarn has great meterage at 180 metres per 50g ball.

4Ply Merino

I’ll be writing another post over the next couple of days to let you know what’s in the boxes waiting in the hall to be unpacked now!

Happy Knitting!

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