If You Love Knitting………

In an effort to try and publish posts a little more regularly I have written myself a list of the knitting things that interest me.  I subscribe to quite a number of different knitting newsletters but find a few in particular are my favourites.

In this post I’d like to talk about knitty.com


Knitty is an online knitting magazine that publishes four times a year  in March, June, September and December.  If you sign up to their email list they’ll notify you when the latest edition is out. Occasionally an odd pattern or two are released as a ‘bonus’ and you’ll be emailed again.

Knitty is very much a magazine: there are features pages, product tests, letters from the editors, competitions and of course there’s patterns.  FREE PATTERNS

Yep, you read it correctly, the patterns are all free for individual use only.  That doesn’t mean the patterns aren’t great, on the contrary.  Some of the most well-known patterns have originally been published in knitty.

Clapotis by Kate Gilbert


One of my favourite patterns, as I think I’ve mentioned before,  is In Leaf by Avril Lang.

In Leaf Cardigan from Knitty.com

Currently, the 41st issue is out and the magazine is celebrating their 10th year.  This issue contains 4 lovely sock patterns, 2 for gloves, 3 hats, 4 shawls, 9 jumpers/cardigans, 3 of which are for men.

I think one of the sock patterns is absolutely fab.  I have to admit that I just don’t have the time to knit socks, particularly ones like these, however I can appreciate their uniqueness.

Pair-a-normal by Barry Scates



One jumper that has already been added to my ever increasing ‘to do’ list is the Party Mix Pullover by Julia Farewell-Clay.  It’s an aran weight, raglan, A-line jumper that will be great for using up some of my stash.  Even better, being an A-line design it will help to hide a multitude of sins (mostly of the cake kind).

Party Mix pullover


I find the Cool Stuff section where books, classes, etc are reviewed particularly interesting being a keen collector of all things knitting.  For me this issue the most interesting items have been the reviews of several books I am keen to own including November Knits and the Knitters Handy Book of Top Down Sweater Designs.

I also like the Knitty Yarn Roundtable feature as it helps me to keep an eye on possible new yarns for the shop or what new trends are coming.

In addition to all of the above, not to mention the competition, crossword, adverts and shopping, there is also Knitty Spin, which is a section of the magazine aimed at spinners.  I do intend on learning to spin, I even have a lovely Ashford Spinning Wheel, which at present adorns the window sill at the top of my stairs (sadly).  This doesn’t stop me coveting fibre and lusting over the endless possibilities……

Knitty Spin has reviews of fibre that the testers spin and then knit, reviews of cool spinning stuff, a spinners glossary and yet more patterns.  My favourite this issue without a doubt are the beautiful mitts Calertne by Sandy Sitzman & Lynne Vogel – they are truly beautiful.



Knitty is in my opinion, without a doubt one of the best knitting related features available online

If you’re still having doubts about signing up to the knitty.com newsletter reminder – why?  Maybe this will encourage you –



Norma is definitely an heirloom piece, but just look at the detail.  Meghan Jones is a truly gifted designer.

Norma Up Close

Happy knitting!

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