These are a Few of My Favourite Things – April 2017

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I’ve not been myself for the past couple of weeks, sore feet will do that to you I guess?  Bloody things are driving me mad!

As a result the time I spend making, has taken a bit of a nose dive and I feel like I haven’t achieved that much.

Last Saturday, I met up with a few good friends for lunch, followed by a couple of hours knitting and crochet back at my house.  It was a real delight to be able to spend a Saturday afternoon together, as it’s something I think we’ve all missed since I closed the shop.  Even if I was ducking in and out, unable to do more than overhear the laughter drifting out from the kitchen, while I served customers, our Saturday gatherings, were always the most relaxed.  Even more so if the sun was shining and we were able to sit outside.  Many a Saturday, Dina and I completely lost track of time and wouldn’t realise it was after closing time.  Reluctantly, we’d head back into the shop to clean up, fill the shelves and get ready for the following week.

There were faces missing on Saturday, some which might only appear again, once in a blue moon (Dina, Mary Mac, Margaret and Sadie), but I’m hoping we can make our Saturday gatherings a regular thing again.  Good friends are hard to come by and those we make as adults, are to be cherished, warts and all.

So whilst I’m day dreaming of sunny Saturday’s, spent giggling with friends, here’s a few of My Favourite Things For April.

  • Cloud 9 Organic Holding pattern Barkcloth, garden variety in tomato from Celtic Fushion Fabrics.  I think it would make a great boxy top, for wearing over a vest and jeans.

  • Late to the party, I still don’t own a copy of The Spinners Book of Yarn Designs by Sarah Anderson, but there’s currently 10% off on The Book Depository Website, so I could be tempted yet.
  • I tried weaving with paper at guild meeting a few months back.  Since then my brain has been awash with different ideas and I’ve had my eye on this dreamy blue, Indigo Paper Yarn from George Weil in the UK.
  • Poison Oak by Carina Spencer, is the object of my current dream knitting project.  Specifically, I’d love to make it in handspun, but it’s a four ply and I’m not sure my spinning is anyway consistent enough yet.  I love the idea of making it in a slightly textured yarn, with neps, like Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal or maybe Noro Silk Garden 4ply?
  • The Wild Dyery,  Eco print online training course, looks fabulous.  This is actually the second of three different modules, the first, Eco Colour, began on the 20th of March and the third will commence on the 2nd of October.  All three modules take place over a four week period, but you’re able to access the course material for six months after.  Justine Aldersey-Williams is the tutor and each module currently costs £199, which seems like good value for money.
  • This beautiful fibre is the Crashing Wave Gradient Pack from Hilltop Cloud.  Isn’t it pretty and wouldn’t it make the most gorgeous short-sleeved Poison Oak?
  • The Roscommon Lamb Festival takes place over the Bank Holiday Weekend and although Deirdre traveled up last year, to cover it for the magazine, I’d still love to go.  It’s not going to happen though, mum’s taxi has already been booked for chauffeuring duties instead.
  • HandDyed Sock Yarn from Viking Yarns, superwash merino wool with stellina in Broken Rainbow – WOW!
  • As my life is currently dominated by my feet, it feels like I’ve been looking at nothing but shoes of late.  These handmade stunners, are from Conker Shoes in Devon and whilst they might cost a little more than some shoes, I would literally sell my soul, for comfortable feet at the moment.

What have you got your eye on this month?

Happy Making.

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2 thoughts on “These are a Few of My Favourite Things – April 2017

  1. I love the vikings yarns pics on Instagram they are always gorgeous. Jellybean is another gorgeous yarn seller from the UK. I love those shoes but always feel they suit women with small feet which is why they suit you,I am a size 6,not huge but still not as nice looking in these shoes as a smaller foot. Hope your feet are feeling more ‘normal’ than they have been of late. Your Saturday gathering sounds fantastic,may it continue as it is very important as you said to keep your friends during our busy adult lives.

    • I went off and had a look at Jellybean’s yarns Joanna, aren’t they just gorgeous? The feet are still a disaster, but another pair of orthotics have arrived this morning. Fingers crossed these ones help a little. As for the shoes, I really think they’d look lovely on you. A size 6 is average anyway and they are usually really comfortable too. xxx

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