Handmade Woven Birds Nests

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For some strange reason, I’ve had an urge to make birds nests.  I can’t say I know where the ‘need’ and I do mean need, came from, but I know I’d gone to bed dreaming of them for a couple of nights in a row (maybe it means something, ideas anyone?).

I tried to ignore my thoughts and when that didn’t work, I turned to Pinterest to see if some clever person had saved me from having to work out how.  Oddly enough for Pinterest, I couldn’t actually find a tutorial, or those that I did, weren’t quite what I had in mind.

So I set about playing with some bits and bobs I have at home and I’m rather please with the results, even if I do say so myself.


If like me, you’ve a burning desire to make your very own woven birds nests, here’s what I did.



  • Garden Twine
  • Raffia
  • Balloons
  • PVA
  • Permanent Marker
  • Scissors
  • Newspaper
  • A jar or pot to stand the balloon in
  • A bowl or tub for mixing and soaking the twine in


Partially blow up your balloon to the circumference you’d like your nest to be.  Tie off and with the permanent marker, draw a line around the balloon to act as a guide for the depth of the nest.

Stand the balloon in a jar or pot, tied end down.  The jar or glass will get covered in glue, so make sure it’s not your best china.

Lay newspaper under the jar to protect your work surface.


Cut seven lengths of twine, you want them to be long enough to lay over the balloon.

Make up a solution of equal parts PVA and water, mixing thoroughly.  Add the twine to the bowl and stir, covering the twine in the glue mix completely.


Using the photo as a guide lay four lengths of PVA soaked twine over the balloon, crossing them in the middle.

Weave the remaining three pieces of twine under and over these four struts to give your frame a little more stability when it is dry. (see photo below) Try to make sure one of the pieces follows the line you drew around the balloon.

Leave overnight to dry.


Once dry, pop the balloon and remove from the frame carefully.


Weave lengths of raffia under and over the twine frame, wrapping it round to secure any parts that become unstuck.


Continue to add more raffia, weaving it back on itself, building up the sides and covering most of the holes.


Once you have covered the majority of the frame, bend the extended ends of twine over on themselves and weave them down in among the sides of the nest.


Cover, these with more raffia and trim if necessary.   Continue weaving in lengths of raffia until you are satisfied with the overall look of your birds nest.  Ensure you leave some ends poking out and a few gaps to make it more realistic.


If you like you could also thread a few flowers, feathers and maybe even a little yarn into the sides too.

Having made one nest, I realised why I’d been dreaming of them.  I’d read somewhere, about thinking outside the box when staging photographs and I had thought that a birds nest my be a great prop for Olann and.


I also realised how cute they were and what a lovely Easter gift they would make.  Though no nest is complete without a chirpy chick to sit in it, so I whipped up one of Rebecca Danger’s Chubby Chirps.  (It’s a free pattern on Ravelry).  Not quite sure why, but I think he’s a boy?

Anyway back to the chubby fellow, he’s made from Rico Creative Cotton Aran Print (shade 004 Red/Blue Mix), a minuscule amount and I used an even tinier amount, to make his beak (shade 76 Tangerine).


He took no time at all to make, although I was naughty and didn’t knit him using the Portuguese method.  Less than a couple of hours from start to finish, with tea and biscuits in between.

If you saw Episode 12 of The Olann and Podcast, you’ll know I gave him to Deirdre along with some mini Cadbury’s Cream Eggs.  Which I suppose makes him a her, or else he’s a very clever little chap indeed.

Perfect for Easter 

Happy Making

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4 thoughts on “Handmade Woven Birds Nests

  1. Gorgeous tutorial! Mr/Miss Chubby is adorable! I’m having a unicorn phase, I’ve made 3, would have made more only I’m out of toy stuffing! I want some Chubbies now!!!!!!

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