Did You See Those Socks?


I think I’m having some kind of foot fetish of late, as I’ve got a bit of a one track mind when it comes to my knitting.


There are sock projects everywhere, although a few of them have been on the go for a while.  I was so engrossed knitting the pair I took away with me to Yorkshire (above), that I finished them and went in search of more sock yarn.  (more about these beauties next time)



I picked this ball of blue up from Crafts of Thirsk, when I popped in to buy a pair of scissors.  (Can you believe I’d managed to leave mine at home?)  As much as I love the colours, I realised I didn’t want another pair of socks with red heels and I hadn’t been able to find another shade in the shop that I liked.

Needs must though and I popped it in the boot of the car to cast on later, after we got back from the days jollies to Eden Camp.

Eden Camp is a Modern History Themed Museum, located on the Outskirts of the market town of Malton in North Yorkshire.  It’s housed within the grounds of an original World War Two prisoner of war camp and well worth a visit if you’re in the area.  We spent all day there, looking at the exhibits, eating ice cream and enjoying sitting out in the sun in between huts.


Having left Eden Camp a little before 4pm in search of a late lunch/early dinner, we headed back to Thirsk.  On the road back I kept an eye out for what I thought might have been a yarn shop, at the side of the road.  Sure enough it was, Little Lamb Wool is a lovely shop owned and run by Sally Goodwill.  Having turned up after the shop had closed, I still took a chance and tried the door, desperate not to spend an evening with a ‘make do’ project.

Sally was inside working, with her two dogs keeping her company and very graciously let me peruse her yarn and other woolly goodies.  Conscious of disturbing Sally while she worked, I didn’t stop too long to look, but from what I could see the shop was packed to the rafters with yarn.  It was a lovely bright shop with shelves everywhere and far too much in the way of temptation, so I asked Sally to point me in the direction of the sock yarn.

Having first knitted with the WYS Signature 4ply yarn for Olann and, I really liked how my socks turned out, so couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of balls.  There are so many beautiful, coordinating shades in the Signature range, that I had a bit of a job deciding which colours to buy.  My eyes, kept falling on the lovely red , grey and ivory mix called Bullfinch (861), with a solid red (Cherry Drop 529).  Strangely enough, despite blue being my favourite colour, I only have a couple of pairs of blue socks, so I’d decided to concentrate on increasing my current collection.  The solid blue is Blueberry Bonbon 365 and more of a petrol blue than in the photo.  The blue and green fairisle type yarn is called Peacock 851 and comes from the Country Birds collection.

I’ve cast them on and managed to get a good bit of the first sock completed on the ferry crossing home, but haven’t had a chance to pick them up again since.  Not completely true – I’ve been distracted by other projects 🙂


Back to the Rose City Rollers

If you saw the latest episode of the Olann and Podcast, you’ll have seen my latest FO (finished object)?  I must confess to not having paid too much attention to the actual pattern itself.  I think I just got carried away knitting the socks and continued to use the recipe I always knit.


I used a long tail cast on after trying my usual stretchy one, only to realise the cuff would fit a yeti.  Then I knitted in stocking stitch for about an inch and a half, continuing with my usual slip stitch heel


and French toe.

They look pretty similar to everyone else’s, so I guess they still count?  There’s a round toe on the design instructions and it might have been nice to see what it fits like.  I may well use it on the next pair I make for myself.


Dina seemed rather pleased with them, when I gave them to her and as this is the first pair I’ve ever knitted for her, I’m feeling spurred on to make her more.

I’d been helping a good friend learn how to knit socks earlier this year, but we hadn’t been able to get together for a while, so I’d banished my chunky sock sample to the sin bin.


Thrilled that Dina loved her new socks so much, I’ve pulled the ‘Naughty Little Bugger’ out again to get the pair of slipper/boot socks finished for her.  They’re so thick and cosy I think I might have to knit myself a pair after.


I have to dash now, despite having loads to share, as this is about to happen this morning.  It’s the third time we’re going to have no electricity for the whole day again, in the last two months and it’s incredibly annoying.  Living on a farm, my water comes from a well and the pump runs on electricity too.  So it’s a no electricity and no water kind of day in reality and we’re heading out for the day, despite having lots of work to do.

There are only two more days before Kye goes back to school, so I guess it’s a perfect excuse to spend some time together.  Fingers crossed I may even get a little knitting done too.

Happy Making

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