Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards Dilema

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Oops, I think we have a problem?

The Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards are currently running and I’ve made it on to the shortlist – yippee! (filling the screen with dancing ladies in my head)

Untitled design (6)

However, whilst this is absolutely fantastic news and it is, Olann and’s Blog has also made it through – even better news. (and now the dancing ladies are wearing sparkly dresses this time)

Littlewoods Blog Awards

This obviously presents a little bit of a problem though doesn’t it?  I am in effect competing against myself.  How did I not consider this before now?

Regardless of who you decide to vote for me, the magazine, or someone else in the Arts & Crafts Category, please show your support and vote.

The public vote will account for 20% of the total mark, with peer judging accounting for 80%, so every vote counts regardless of who you vote for.

You can find details of all the blogs to have made it to the shortlist here.

Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 23rd August.

Confessions of a Fibre Strumpet

 Happy Making

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