All About the Socks

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Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they’ve taken three steps forward, but two steps back of late?

Honestly it sums up my daily life at the moment in a nutshell and I don’t even seem to be able to get my knitting to behave?

Ever the optimist, I already had sketched down several blog ideas immediately after writing my last post.  Even going so far as to take photos and dig out certain things, but then having had what felt like a wonderful, battery charging few days, everything changed suddenly.

If you regularly read my rambles, you’ll probably know I have four dogs, or, well…. 🙁


Roach seen here on the left, is our Norwegian Elkhound.  My hubby arrived home with her one day many moons ago now, having thoroughly researched the breed, as you should, before handing over a giant wad of cash (of course he didn’t, that would be sensible).

You know I live on a farm, yes?  A dairy farm, full of cows?  Not to mention the rabbits, birds, foxes, rats, mice and occasional wild cat?  I almost nearly forgot to include the bats too (see my Instagram feed to find out all about those shenanigans)

Well Norwegian Elkhounds are herding dogs, always on high alert and by high alert, that means Roach barked at every animal, bird and beast.  ALL OF THE TIME!!!

Did this stop us loving her?  Yes, at times and I’d be lying if I said different.  However, she has been one of my constant companions for the two years since I gave up the shop and my house is exceptionally quiet without her now.  She had slowed down over the last year or so, choosing to only follow me half way on our walks.  Instead she’d lay down and wait for me to come back and then join us on the way home.

It’s a long winded story as to why she’s not with us any longer, involving an injury, her age, her breed, where we live, that she’s one of a pack of four dogs, vets, more vets, etc, etc, etc.  Which ends with the worst possible outcome, but that’s part of owning any pet isn’t it?  Even when it hurts so much, you have to do what’s best for the animal and not yourself.

So my absence is understandable, you might say and despite my best efforts, it means I’m behind with everything again.  My own personal stuff and Olann and stuff, but I’m getting there.

I’ve already shown these two pairs of finished socks on the latest episode of the Olann and Podcast, but didn’t get a chance to show them on here.  Who knows, I might even get them loaded up on to Ravelry this weekend?


Changing my needles to 2.75mm, seems to have fixed the tension issues I’ve been having with my socks since switching to Portuguese Knitting.  They look like they have a bit of a ladder going on on them, but I think it’s actually from pulling the first stitch a little too tight.  It’ll block out I’m sure.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am to have finally fixed the tension issues.  For a while there I wasn’t sure I’d be knitting socks for a while and they’re just the most handy of projects to have on the go.  I’ll have to get a couple of more sets of 2.75mm circulars, so I can have a couple of pairs on the go at once.  There’s nothing more annoying than grabbing your ‘go to project’, only to find your on the heel turn or toe.


This pair of Rose City Roller inspired socks, are almost the same as the ones I made for my daughter last year.  I found them in a bag, with just the ends to sew in.  Rather worryingly, I have absolutely no recollection of having knitted them, none whatsoever.  I’m trying not to dwell too much on the fact that there’s a whole part of my memory missing and instead look at these as a bonus pair of socks.  Glass half full, right?

So far so good and with everything that’s been going on, I can cut myself a little slack when it comes to my knitting.  That’s fair?

If I had to explain who I am and what I am, I’m pretty sure I’d have to include ‘I’m a knitter’ somewhere in there.  However, as experienced as I am, lately it feels like my head has taken up a residency in a foreign land (a much more polite way of saying it’s been firmly rammed up…….)


This is the first of another pair of Rose City Roller inspired socks and on first glance, it’s fine, perfectly acceptable.  It has a different toe to the French one I usually knit, but apart from that it’s fit for purpose.

Except the bloody thing seemed to take me forever to knit, at least the toe did anyway.  Knitting when you can’t seem to count to two, must be what it’s like knitting after having drunk several gins.  I truthfully, kept getting my decreases mixed up and I think I must have ripped the toe back on at least four occasions.

So, I was absolutely chuffed to bits when I could cut the yarn to sew up the toe and cast on the 2nd sock.   So you can you imagine my frustration when I pulled it out to photograph today and discovered this?




Double Buggeration!

I’m off to pour a very strong cup of tea down my throat, whilst avoiding the KitKat’s and then I’m going to fix this blooming thing.

One is not amused.

Happy Making

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10 thoughts on “All About the Socks

  1. I am a Norwegian Elkhound Fan and a tear was shed for Roach, cos though these dogs can be troblesome in the beginning. They are loyal and protective friends, my own Bob is now 13 and walks are getting shorter every day. Take care,

    • Maria I still look for her everyday, as she only use to do half our walk and wait for me to come back with the others.

      Bob sounds lovely, bless him. I hope you have many more years with him to come. I recently rescued a dog and while it’s a little bit of a struggle with him at the moment, I’m sure we’ll get there.


  2. I’m loving the look of all those delicious colours! I’ve just bought enough wool to make 4 pairs of socks and a tank top, mostly in self-striping wool, which after a 40 year break is a temptation too good to resist!

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