Yarnbombing Heaven



It’s been a while since my last post I know, but I’ve got a note don’t worry.

I’ve been on my holibobs 🙂

Earlier in the year we gave our youngest the choice of a trip to either Comicon, a Japanese Car Festival or a Steam Rally.  Rather surprisingly (to us and to nearly everyone that knows Kye), he chose to go to a Steam Rally.  We’d visited the Pickering Steam Rally a couple of years back and he’d obviously enjoyed it much more than we’d realised.

Unfortunately, the rally in Pickering had been moved to Whitby this year, but that just gave us an opportunity to explore more of Yorkshire.  Whitby is an incredibly popular seaside town, well known for it’s regatta and it’s fish and chips.  Part of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula was set there and to be frank, it costs a few bob to rent accommodation there.  So we cast our net a little wider and decided to stay somewhere within an hours drive and happened upon a lovely little home from home, called The Old Surgery in Thirsk.

Leftfootdaisy Thirsk

Some of you might have seen the lovely welcome we discovered on opening the front door on Instagram?

At this point I’d usually rattle off all the things we did, places we went to and whether there was yarn or the like purchased.  I’ll get round to telling all in another post, but I really have to share this first.  (I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did)


There’s loads of photos to come……….

Thirsk had been yarnbombed!!!!!

Originally the Thirsk Yarnbombers had decorated the town for the Tour de Yorkshire, after it was announced that the bike ride would be passing through.  If you scroll back through the groups Facebook Page you can see some of the fantastic creations that had decorated the town at that time.

Thirsk Yarnbombed

If that wasn’t enough work for the year, they’ve been busy getting creative once again, this time to mark the centenary of James Herriot’s birth (Alf Wight) on the 3rd of October.  I imagine most people have probably heard of James Herriot (well most people my age at least).  I never really watched the All Creatures Great and Small television programme at the time and wonder if it’s still available? (if you know please send me a message)

If you’re interested, you can find out more about James Herriot here and if you’re in Thirsk there’s The World of James Herriot Visitor Centre which sadly, I didn’t get a chance to visit on this trip.

Thirsk Yarnbomb

Thirsk Yarnbomb

The yarnbombing seems to be a real community led project with over 300 volunteers getting involved.  Most of the town seem to be behind the group and there’s no doubt it has increased visitor numbers to the area.

Thirsk Yarnbomb

The creativity from each member of the group is plain to see – can you guess what this one is?

Pigs in Blankets (I love it)

Thirsk Yarnbomb


(well he was a vet)

I believe the displays are checked on a daily basis and when dismantled, many are sold to raise funds to support the groups continued work.

There has been a little bit of ‘borrowing’ going on with the exhibits, but many of them seem to be returned, or show up elsewhere in the town.  I guess the cctv camera’s might have something to do with that 😉

Thirsk Yarnbomb

So what’s next for the Thirsk Yarnbombers?

Well it seems they’ve got big plans for Remembrance Day

Expect poppies galore.

Happy Making

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