Hooks & Needles


Yesterday was a busy day for making, no busier than usual, but it was filled with lots of little projects that come and go ‘just like that’.

Much of the making I do, has in recent years, been business led.  First with the shop, I felt anything I knitted had to reflect the stock in the shop, or my plans for the future.  If I did knit anything with yarn I’d bought elsewhere, or been given, I was mindful of the message I might have been sending.

Now with Olann and, there is much more flexibility, I no longer feel that any yarn is ‘out of bounds’, but there’s a pressure there still, with test knits and swatches.  Deirdre and I have been trying to plan things well in advance and it’s beginning to happen (finally).  Having said this, we know our reality is one of last minute deadlines and hiccups along the way.

My recent brush with injury made me realise how much I take for granted that I can use my hands to create.  So I’ve vowed to slow things down a little and try to enjoy the process a little more.  Even if what I’m making is just a swatch to photograph for the magazine.  So I thought it might be interesting, to share my yesterday of needles and hooks with you.


Happy Mindful Making

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