Opinions Needed Please

2016-05-11 09.23.02

You remember these lovelies that arrived in the post a little over a month ago now?  They’re the first installment of the Famous Five Sock Club from Fine Fish Yarns.

Pretty aren’t they, but what do you do with 5 mini skeins of multicoloured yarn, other than knit/crochet blanket squares or make scrappy socks?

2016-06-05 21.32.30 (2)

Out came the umberella swift and the yarn winder and I caked them up, in the hope of some inspiration.

Naturally, the blues, sung to me and I’m taken with the red too, but I’m really not a peach girl.  There’s a photo my best friend adores of her and her husband and in it she’s wearing a peach dress – she looks lovely.  So I maintain that only her 80’s self and Whitney Houston (also in the 80’s), are my only exceptions to peach.

Let’s get one thing straight though…..

If it was a choice between peach or purple, well then it would be a resounding and very loud PEACH, but that’s a whole other story.

2016-06-06 10.21.20

Anyway, I digress.

I’ve cast on the If I Was Your Girlfriend Shawlette and am knitting two row stripes of each colour, so it’s a ten row repeat.

2016-06-09 20.05.56

As you can see from the photo, the colour repeats in each shade are quite short and it’s resulting in a very jumbled effect, there’s no rhythm to it at all (man) 8|.  I’m not completely convinced I even like it, although it does have a certain something.

2016-06-09 20.08.57

Should I continue knitting, or frog it, what do you think?

Do you have any other ideas for mini’s?  One of my good friends Lee Ann, has made a gorgeous Tubularity with her Fine Fish Mini’s.

First world problems hey?

Happy Making

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7 thoughts on “Opinions Needed Please

  1. I agree with foxxy305, and also recommend the Hitchhiker shawl or anything with a lot of garter. The hitchhiker always manages to shake up variegateds well. But I think your shawl will be lovely as it gets larger. I’ve been known to frog after completing a shawl, but there will always be someone who will love it even if you don’t. 🙂

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