I’ve Gone Pro (apparently anyway)

2013-10-05 12.31.19
Super Chunky Tea Cosy

OK, as most of you know I knit. In fact, I knit as often as I can (love me, love my knitting) and would love to be a guinea pig if they ever discover a way for you to do it in your sleep.

In addition to the knitting of other people’s patterns, I always have loads of my own ideas sloshing around in my head.  Some of these make it onto scraps of paper or into notebooks and then, if I have the time, a few of them end up being tested

I’ve popped a few of these ideas up on here in the past and my Easy Lace Scarf has been quite popular.  However, in an attempt to become better at this side of my business a friend suggested I take the designing to the next level.

Based on her suggestion I’ve just opened up a Pro account on Ravelry to begin selling some of my designs and the first one to go up is my Super Chunky Tea Cosy.  I’m not interested in making any real money from the patterns but acknowledge that if I ever get to write the book I want to, I can’t have all of my patterns available online for free.

My Super Chunky Tea Cosy pattern costs €2.50 and I hope it will be the first of many designs.  If you like the style perhaps you could be persuaded to go and add it to your favourites and if you’re interested in purchasing a copy, just click here.

It’s knitted with Super Chunky yarn on 10mm needles and takes no time and very little wool (approx 70 metres without the pompom).  Who knows you might even have some stashed yarn just lingering for such a project.

Tea cosies are one of the most requested patterns in the shop so it seems a great place to start.

Happy Knitting!

2013-11-06 21.42.23

6 thoughts on “I’ve Gone Pro (apparently anyway)

  1. Must make a new year’s resolution to get back on ravelry and look this up. My first attempts on ravelry I found it a bit confusing, but that was a few years ago now and my “serious” knitting friends use it religiously. Congratulations on the cozy!

    • Many thanks, I’ve loads more patterns written out but never seem to find the time to type them up. Of course a lot of the time I’ve also no idea what my scrawl says either.

  2. Hi again! This cozy (and a failed hat) gave me the inspiration to try a popsicle stick spool knit cozy. I’m planning a blog post called A Tale of Two Tea Cozies and I wanted to include yours as the inspiration for the spool knit version (which looks a bit different because of twisted stitches), so I’m wondering if I can use one of your photos of your cozy (crediting the source of course) in my post. I’ll also include a link to your blog post so people can see where to purchase your pattern. Or if you’re not ok with the photo, I’ll just include the link to your blog. But let me know OK? Thanks! Colleen

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