I sat down today all prepared to begin typing up some of the many posts that I have notes written for in my little book. First though, I thought I’d have a quick scan over Ravelry for a little link to post up on the Facebook page.  Noticing the new issue of Petite Purls is out I went straight over to their site to have a look at all the yummy goodness in issue 16.

As per usual the cover alludes to much knitty joy, particularly as it’s the Upsize Issue.  On opening the magazine I clicked  straight on the ‘note from the editors’ link, which is where my sadness comes from. Allegra Wermuth & Brandy Fortune have announced that issue 16 is their final issue of Petite Purls 😦


My absolute favourite from this issue is the Child – Teen Radiant Vest and the separate Adult Radiant Vest.  It is split into two individual patterns to accommodate the vast range of sizes between the two patterns – six years to adult 54″ (wow!).  The sleeveless cardigan is knitted sideways in chunky yarn, with short row shaping to create the yoke.

It’s sad to see the end of Petite Purls but here’s hoping Allegra and Brandy move on to bigger and better things.  No doubt the resources from their time at Petite Purls will continue to delight knitters for years to come.

Happy Knitting!

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