I’ve Actually Managed To Finish Something.

2013-09-18 14.20.35

I thought I’d pop up the photos of the finished baby jumper I’ve been knitting with in the new Merino Flash from Katia.  The 0-6months jumper literally only went into the third ball for about a third of the second sleeve (grrr).

So in a bid to be more aware of my ever expanding stash I decided to knit the accompanying hat.  Now I only have a little bit of the yarn left and a much clearer conscience.

2013-09-17 21.38.50

Not sure that button is in the centre now though?  I’m sure it was when I first sewed it in.

Happy Knitting!



2 thoughts on “I’ve Actually Managed To Finish Something.

  1. This looks great, I saw it in the shop with you last Friday, I love the detail across the top of the sleeves and shoulders. Could I suggest a little Innocent hat with the left overs?

    I got the blue / green version of the same wool and made the side buttoning puerperium cardi. I’ll take a picture to show you once the buttons are on [and I’ve given it to the new parents]. The colours are very rich, the colour runs are not as long as the colourway you have used and it knits beautifully. [I got two balls of the wool and knit it extra long , had enough for two innocent hats and some to sew in the buttons left over].


    • Hi Dairiona

      I look forward to seeing your little Puerperium cardi as I absolutely adore the design and think the yarn will look beautiful made up into one.
      I also like your idea of using the remaining little bit of the Merino Flash to make an Innocent Smoothie hat or 2. Sounds like a plan.
      Happy Knitting!

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