Buttonbox is Finished & Blocking.


Some of you might be aware that this lovely little waistcoat (Buttonbox from knitty.com) has been my latest wip and I’m happy to report, it’s finally finished.  As is usual for me, I really enjoyed knitting the actual garment but grew weary trying to get the pocket tops, button bands and collar done.  In reality there really wasn’t much work in knitting any of it though, I’m just moaning.

The construction is 1 piece knitted from the from the bottom up, adding a little shaping at the waist and splitting when you reach the armholes to work on the back and fronts separately.  The shoulders are joined together using a 3 needle cast off adding to the ‘clean lines’ of the garment.


The added texture of the bobbles on the pockets and at the top of the back of the vest add a little bit of extra detail, whilst the waist shaping ensures the garment accentuates in the right places and gives a little shape to the overall silhouette.

I used Fyberspates Scrumptious Aran yarn in Graphite and it took a little under 4 hanks to knit up the medium size.

It’s a great pattern, I’d have no problem recommending it and I might even knit again.

Happy Knitting!

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