It’s no secret that I love Danish Designer Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard’s knitting designs.  I would go so far as to say that she’s in my top 10 of knitting designers. Elizabeth Zimmerman is without a doubt, number one – her Baby Surprise Jacket is iconic and worthy of the highest praise, and don’t get me started on the rest, there’s the Totem Jacket, the February Sweater……

Anyway, back to Vibe.  ‘Lullaby Knits’ is the latest book of designs to be released by Vibe, published by Collins & Brown. The book has the same vintage feel as Vibe’s previous book ‘Labour of Love’ that I cooed over for some time. This time, however, the designs are all for babies, with the largest size for 18 – 24 months.  The exception is a beautiful lace wrap for mum.

If I’ve counted correctly there are 22 patterns in the book: seven sweaters, six cardigans/jackets, three vests and six patterns that fall under the accessories heading.  It’s difficult to pick my preferred designs as all of the patterns are photographed beautifully, with the most gorgeous of little models dressed in the knitted items. However, if my arm were twisted I’d have to go with the following

The Stay on Ribbed Boots are so sweet. Sadly, the pattern is for one size only (0-3 months).

2013-11-08 10.23.58The Cable and Daisy Stitch Sweater is beautiful and very like my favourite pattern ‘Matilda’ from the previous book ‘Labour of Love’.

2013-11-08 10.22.41

The Garter Stitch Jacket is knitted in aran weight yarn, making it a super quick baby knit and one on my list to make in a hurry.

2013-11-08 10.23.19

I’m usually able to decide on an absolute favourite pattern with most of the knitting and crochet books I see, however, this time I’m torn between two. Both are jumpers, both are unisex, you decide.

This is the Small Cable Sweater

2013-11-08 10.22.17

Whilst this is the Little Tree Sweater

2013-11-08 10.24.56

I might have to find some time to knit both and see if one of the designs wins through.  The only trouble with that is that I no longer have little people small enough to wear the finished garment, so they’ll be ones for the Grandparent Box  (no pressure there!).

In the meantime back to the Christmas gift knitting I go.

Happy Knitting!

So Excited

It’s silly, I know but I was so excited when three big boxes arrived from Katia just before closing on Thursday.

Inside there was more of the popular Merino Flash and a pack of a new aran we’re looking at possibly stocking, but there was also ……….

2013-11-23 07.33.16The very Christmasey scarf yarn Boulevard (Christmasey is a new word for any of you that haven’t heard of it yet) and……….

2013-11-22 17.06.41A lovely new warm red/rust shade in the Merino 100%, and wait for it……….

2013-11-22 17.07.54This riot of colour.  I’m so daft – you’d think I’d have gotten over it by now having had a yarn shop for so many years.  All I’ve been thinking about is what sample to make for the shop. Azteca is 100g of beautiful, multicoloured aran weight yarn. The picture just doesn’t do it justice, it really has to be seen in the flesh.  Maybe squidged and stroked a little too.

Happy Knitting!

Last Week’s News (some of it anyway)

I spent a large portion of last week convinced I’d achieved very little, however, after reviewing the amount of things I’d managed to do I realised I actually got through quite a few items on my never ending list.

2013-10-27 23.26.42

Firstly, there was the hat I ran up for myself in the new Sirdar Freya. Some of you might have seen the photo above on the shop Instagram account.  It’s a dream to wear as it’s so lovely and soft.

2013-10-31 12.10.28

Then there was the waistcoat I completed whilst at Wednesday night’s knitting group.  It’s made in King Cole’s Ultimate Super Chunky.  The pattern doesn’t actually have a full arm band but I felt it needed a little more than the cast on, then cast off that was instructed on the pattern.  The yarn knits up beautifully, but to avoid any colour pooling I did knit with two balls, following a two row stripe sequence.

Jeans, Melange, Marine, Moorland, Heather, Rainbow, Dusk, Ember

There are 8 shades of Ultimate Super Chunky, great for those quick knit projects.  There’s a really good range of patterns to support the yarn including several accessory designs.

Talking of King Cole, the new Glitz Chunky arrived in too.

White, Black, Rouge, Plum, Atlantic and Burnt Orange
White, Black, Rouge, Plum, Atlantic and Burnt Orange

Six shades this time, great for a little Christmas sparkle, and if you prefer double knit yarn then King Cole also added three new shades to their range of Glitz DK.

Petrol, Silver and Royal
Petrol, Silver and Royal

I also managed to complete the little baby cardigan I’d been working on for the shop in Peter Pan Merino Baby.

2013-10-31 11.40.30

There are six pretty pastel colours and some beautiful pattern support.  For the month of November while stocks last we’re offering 10% off the usual selling price of €5 per 50g/116metres. I think the yarn would work as a great substitute for most double knit patterns, particularly if you favour lighter shades.

White, Baby Pink, Silver, Lilac, Cream and Baby Blue
White, Baby Pink, Silver, Lilac, Cream and Baby Blue

This week I’m trying to power into another scarf and to get a little work done on my Christmas knitting, all being well.

Happy Knitting!

More Items of the Woolly Persuasion

Two more beautiful yarns for you to cast your eyes over.  Some of you may have already seen them in the shop though as I’m a little late getting the photos uploaded, sorry.

First there’s Rico Essentials Super Chunky

100m per 100g of squishy 50% wool & 50% acrylic

Knits to a tension of 9stitches to 12 rows on 10mm needles.

Great to use as a substitute for all your super chunky patterns

2013-09-28 17.50.43

Here’s my Super Chunky Ribbed Tea Cozy shop sample.

2013-10-05 12.31.19

Lastly for this post is Rico Essential Big

Each 50g contains 48 meters of smooth yarn which will show of your stitches perfectly.  Neither a standard chunky or super chunky the yarn is again made up of a 50% wool/50% acrylic blend.

Knitting up with a tension of 11 stitches by 16 rows on 7/8mm needles.

bigThis is the cowl I made recently for the shop sample modeled by what most be the most tolerant daughter in the whole wide world.  Her enthusiasm for the job at hand is obvious don’t you think?

2013-10-05 18.27.22

Not sure the hand over her face is doing much to hide her gorgeousness though.

Happy Knitting!

Some Of The New Stuff (items of the woolly persuasion)

As I mentioned on Facebook last week we’ve had so many deliveries arriving that I’ve found it a little difficult to keep up with everything of late.  Those of you that know me, know I struggle with organization at the best of times 🙂

Like everyone that knits or crochets I still get excited at the prospect of new yarn, it hasn’t stopped just because I own a shop, if anything it’s worse.  When i open the boxes the sense of desperation to get playing with the new goodies is a bit overwhelming.  I tend to select a display garment pattern when choosing the yarn and will often order an extra pack to knit it in.  At this time of year I find myself a bit bogged down with things to knit and my number of WIP’s increases alarmingly.

So in order to get back to some bookwork and knitting here are some of last weeks arrivals and I’ll pop some more on a second post.  Another bag has already arrived this morning to be unpacked too – woolly heaven?  Most of the time, anyway.

Happy Knitting!

2013-09-28 17.54.48
Sirdar Faroe Chunky
The new colours in Sirdar Baby Crofter
The new colours in Sirdar Baby Crofter
A Wee Willie Winky hat shop sample in the new Baby Crofter
A Wee Willie Winky hat shop sample in the new Baby Crofter
Wendy Mode Chunky (love the colours especially the blue)
Wendy Mode Chunky (love the colours especially the blue)
New shades in Wendy Merino DK
New shades in Wendy Merino DK

I’ve Actually Managed To Finish Something.

2013-09-18 14.20.35

I thought I’d pop up the photos of the finished baby jumper I’ve been knitting with in the new Merino Flash from Katia.  The 0-6months jumper literally only went into the third ball for about a third of the second sleeve (grrr).

So in a bid to be more aware of my ever expanding stash I decided to knit the accompanying hat.  Now I only have a little bit of the yarn left and a much clearer conscience.

2013-09-17 21.38.50

Not sure that button is in the centre now though?  I’m sure it was when I first sewed it in.

Happy Knitting!



Love This New Yarn

The boxes are arriving thick and fast at the moment.  All full of lovely new yarn to tempt and patterns to add to the list.

The first yarn I unpacked this week is Basic Merino Flash from Katia and I’m completely in love with it.

2013-09-12 16.05.35

2013-09-12 16.05.45

There are 8 beautifully variegated shades in this double knit yarn.

Each 50g ball contains 120 metres/131 yards and its a wool blend.  52% wool, 48% acrylic.  Machine washable and according to the label it can go in the tumble dryer too.

2013-09-12 16.07.56

I’m presently knitting one of the designs from Katia book 44, which is a special issue for beginners and I’ve deliberately chosen to work with a colour I wouldn’t usually choose straight away (I’m a blue girl).

2013-09-12 16.13.47

I’m impressed though, I think it’s going to make a lovely little garment that may even end up in the grandma box.

2013-09-12 16.34.26

For those of you wondering, it’s knit sideways from sleeve to sleeve.

Happy Knitting!

New Baby Yarn

2013-08-30 17.17.39

I’m usually very good at staying ahead of the game when it comes to new yarns.  However, I must confess to being caught out rotten by Stylecraft’s new baby yarn.

2013-08-30 17.17.23

I’m not really sure we needed another baby yarn but I just couldn’t resist Lullaby.  There are 14 beautiful shades available in the range and the pattern support is divine.  You can really tell that Stylecraft have a new designer on the team.

2013-08-30 17.17.08

Each 50g ball contains 135 metres/147 yards

The yarn is made up of 55% Nylon and 45% Acrylic and is machine washable at 30 degrees, it can even be tumble dried.

Tension is 22 stitches to 30 rows.

Even better it’s only €3.30 per ball

2013-08-30 17.17.50

Which one of the 9 designs is your favourite?  I think mine is the little blanket.  Many of the patterns have an extra design on them so they’re great value for money.

2013-09-05 20.28.20

2013-09-05 20.26.47

2013-09-05 20.33.42

Happy Knitting?

Autumn/Winter Ranges Are Beginning To Arrive

I’d like to be able to say that I have only recently started to think about new yarns for the coming Autumn/Winter season, but I’d be lying, really lying.  The truth is I started to look back in March, watching for the anticipated coming trends and beginning to consider shades and textures.  The actual yarn companies start to show their yarns as early as May and having to plan ahead can be a little difficult at times.

It’s clear from all of the yarn companies that super chunky yarn is going to be big, really big, with everything from accessories to garments.  There’s also a definite move towards creating home furnishings in knitting and crochet, which is great for those of us that like to decorate our houses too.

For us, it’s important to try and get our new ranges in in stages; most of it will arrive in from September on.  There are however several exceptions, one of which is Swift Knit from Stylecraft. 064 We’ve gone for 9 fab colours and I’m already busy knitting a shop sample with the grey. (see the photo at the bottom) Each 100g contains 60metres/66yards. It consists of 80% acrylic and 20% wool and knits to a tension of 8.5 stitches to 12 rows on 10mm needles. And all at the great price of €4.90 per ball




As you can see there are lots of great patterns, which makes it a little difficult to choose one to knit.  So far I’ve whittled it down to either this one –


or this one –


and this is the pattern I’m already knitting as a shop sample and for Dina.


It only takes 3 balls and is a lovely quick knit, providing you don’t do what I did and read the pattern wrong!  You’ll then have to frog your work and start again.  I’ll pop a photo of the finished cowl up when I’ve persuaded my model to pose for me.

Which pattern has tempted you the most then?

Happy Knitting!

Stash Dash Time


stash 13

For those of you that have been before you’ll know what it’s all about, the rest of you would probably best to read this previous post here http://knitmidleton.com/2012/07/23/everybody-keeps-asking-me/


Basically, we cover up all the shelves and lay out as many tables as we can fit into the shop; on top of these we put all the yarn we’re discontinuing.  There could be whole ranges of yarn, shades of yarn and some you might not have seen before.  There will be odd balls, several balls and packs of balls, no matter what, all balls are €3 each.


There are things to consider: you have to book your slot, you only have 20 minutes (you’re timed), you have to prepare, dig out the patterns, check your favourites on Ravelry, make sure you know how much double knit/aran/chunky you need.  Have a look at the post linked above if you’re not sure and make sure you book your place quickly before they all go.


This is what you should be expecting.


Happy Knitting!