The Knitted Diaries – Part 2

Following on from my previous post, Knitted Diaries Part 1, I managed to get my plan together to begin my knitted diary.

Having made the aforementioned Moody Blanket, I thought it might be beneficial to have some sort of visual aid to help me reference my work and keep track of what I’m doing.  I paired each shade of yarn up with a similar coloured pencil and searched the internet for a downloadable calendar. provides free to download calendars, perfect for colouring in, although I guess that’s not really what they’re for?

You can see here that on February 16th I drew the number 6, which is the orange yarn, shade 125.  Having the visual record means that if I’m pressed for time that day, all I need to do is draw the marble and colour in the relevant date.  I can always catch up with the knitting when I have time.

Have you spotted any possible issues yet?

There are two, well at least I’ve only discovered two so far.

The first is what happens if I draw the same colour as the day before and similarly, what if I draw the same colour as from the week before.  As I’m going to be mounting my strips one after the other horizontally, all the Sundays will be next to each other, then all the Mondays, Tuesdays, etc.

To overcome blocks of the same colour, I choose another marble if I draw the same colour that I’ve knitted the day before or the same day in the previous week.

To be fair it doesn’t seem to happen that often, but I’m keeping a record of when it does and I’ll probably go back and embroider a little French Knot or something on each relevant day using the originally picked colour.

That’s it!

Is it wrong that I’m really pleased with it so far?

Well I guess the coloured in version of January actually looks like this.

(does funny things to your eyes doesn’t it?)

Much Better.

I hope to get these ones sewn together so I can work out how I’m going to mount them.

It’s a year-long project, so I apologise in advance for how many times these colours will appear in my posts 😉

Happy Making

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