On My Needles – Strokkur by Ysolda Teague, more choices


The last few days have been rather busy and my knitting time has been a bit sparse.  What little I’ve had, was given over to serious swatch knitting for the Olann and Yarn Reviews.  We’ve been sent some right lovelies to share with our readers in the next issue and so far, I’ve knitted eight up.  I’m pretty sure there’s at least two more to arrive and then they’ll be done.  Just have to write about them now.


I was also rather naughty and cast on a new pair of socks, for no particular reason other than I had to.  They’re not really my colours, but I’m trying to be good and use up some of my stash.  I have so much it’s actually beyond obscene, so much so, that I’m seriously thinking about starting a Raverly De-Stash Page.  When I closed the shop, I hung on to much more yarn than I thought I had and my hubby keeps suggesting that I clear it on Ebay.  Maybe he’s right as there is absolutely no way, I can use it all myself.  Something to consider at least?


In my last post I was banging on about my latest jumper project, the Strokkur by Ysolda Teague.  I’d dug out five different colours of Wendy Merino DK to use with the Sirdar Balmoral and was looking for your help.  The response was great (thank you) and it felt like a bit of a game.

leftfootdaisy-Strokkur-second-five-colour-options (800 x 445)

In my infinite wisdom, I dug out another five colours and have been waiting to avail of some decent light to take some more photos.


Navy and Mustard (obviously one of my favourites)


Navy and Orange


Orange and Maroon


Orange and Mustard


Pink and Maroon


Orange and Pink.


Last but not least, is the Maroon and Mustard, which was the most requested colour combination.

Now I’m going to throw a complete spanner in the works and look at the contrast between all of the various colour combinations, but because this is already a photo heavy post, there’s another post, On My Needles – Strokkur by Ysolda Teague, it’s all about the contrast.

Hope to see you there in a minute.

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