Irish Fields Captured in Yarn Form


Continually captivated by where I live, I’m forever taking photos of the farm and surrounding area just because they make me smile.

I took this one about six weeks ago, whilst out walking my four dogs.  When I took it, the sun was so bright, I didn’t actually realise there were so many ‘muddy’ patches in the field, I was just so taken with the colour of the sky.  (It’s so not mud)

Knowing how popular photos of the Irish landscape are, I thought I’d share it on the Olann and social media feeds for a change, where one of the indie dyers, based here in Ireland spotted it and decided to capture it in yarn form.


Monika has recently re-branded her indie dyeing yarn company and now calls herself Comeragh Yarns and Fiber, which fits in beautifully with her yarns.  Drawing much of the inspiration for her colourways from the area she lives in: Bunmahon Treasure, Lismore Gardens in Spring and Clonea Seaweed are just a few.


Having dyed a hank up, it sold before I had time to get in contact with Monika to ask her to hold on to it for me.  Happily Monika dyed me up another lovely hank on her 75% wool/25% nylon sock base.

Isn’t it pretty?

Irish Fields – Olann and

I’ve no idea what it’s to become and I’m trying so hard not to cast on anything new until I’ve cleared some of my project bags of their latest lodgers.  Perhaps a pair of socks, or maybe a shawl?  Actually, as I’m typing, I’ve remembered that Monika is making a shawl with a hank of her Olann and yarn and a lovely blue she’s dyed.  There are photos on her Instagram feed @comeraghgirl


The colours are quite subtle and there’s a little brown and orange thrown in for good measure – cow poo has never looked so good 😉


Rather generously Monika also gave me a little bag of buttons and a useful wooden heart with handmade written across it.  Oops, nearly forgot to mention the organza drawstring bag too, that makes a handy project keeper (sorry no photograph).

Monika doesn’t live too far away from me, when she sent me the message to let me know my yarn was ready, I was too excited to wait for the post and instead jumped in the car.  It’s lovely to be able to call in, because it meant I got to see some of the lovely new shades that Monika had recently dyed up.  Although I was good (for a change), as I knew my friend was going to Yarndale and suspected my hubby would return from the UK bearing gifts – He did, but that’s a whole other post (so pretty).

Along with my hank, I also collected another that Monika had kindly given us as Olann and to share with one of our lovely podcast viewers.  So if you haven’t seen it yet, grab your latest project, a cup of tea, something to nibble and get comfortable.  Episode 4 of The Olann and podcast is about an hour long.  As well as a look at one of the designs in the latest issue and some of our knitting news, you’ll also get to see the items we featured in our latest Handmade in Ireland and find out about our plans for a yarn crawl.  Somewhere in among all of the fibre goodness and giggles (always lots of those), we ask you a question or two.  You can pop over to the thread on our Ravelry Board to write your answer – that’s it simple.

To be eligible you must have subscribed to the Youtube Channel and have joined our Ravelry Group.  We’re planning on drawing the winner in our next podcast episode, so be sure to keep an eye out.

Whilst on the way back from Monika’s house, I decided to let my sat nav guide me.  Always a bit of a mistake, as it really does seem to favour single track, winding roads, with more holes than a fishing net.  It did the same again this time and my poor car was subjected to climbing a very steep, slippery gravel road.  Ever mindful of my driving and watching the road,  I realised the view was breathtaking and found a place to pull in, to snap a few photos.


I’m sure you can see why?

Happy Making

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