Today is a New Sock Day


I finished knitting these lovelies, whilst I was away on holiday, but wasn’t in any rush to sew in the ends at the time.  We were, as you know, having lots of lovely sandal weather and I was waiting for a pair of birthday shoes.  My children had ordered them in time, but sadly, they were out of stock and we were advised of a six to eight week delay.


Aren’t they lovely?  I’m thrilled with the way the red compliments the red flecks.

The main yarn is from Fine Fish Yarns, in their Shimmer Sock Base, the shade is Anna’s Frozen.  The yarn was left over from the Sparkly Yarn Review we featured in Issue 1 of Olann and.  Cuffs, heels and toes are in Opal Uni 4ply.


The pattern is my usual 60 stitch cast on, but I used a 2.5mm this time instead of the 2.25mm I would normally use.


I thought it would be fun to include a modified Eye of Partridge stitch heel and worked two garter stitches at either end to help when I came to pick up the gusset stitches.  I like the look of the stitch pattern, but I’m not sure I actually need the garter stitch border?  It will be interesting to see how the heel wears and if it’s as comfortable after a day on my feet.


They’re my second pair of sparkly socks as I’m not what you’d call a glitzy kind of gal.  They’re very soft, I’d noticed how soft the yarn was while I was kitting with it.  Rather than one continuous thread, wrapped around the core yarn, the Stellina seems to have been carded into the fibre, before it was spun, giving a much softer fabric when knitted.  It’s worth mentioning, that because of this, there are little ‘tufts’ of sparkle poking out, but that just adds to the overall effect.


The socks were just one of the items whose ends were sewn in last night.  No matter how many evenings I left them out, the elves just didn’t take the hint.  So at long last the version of the If I Was Your Girlfriend Shawl, that I made using the mini’s from Fine Fish Yarns, is complete and so is my Colour Affection, although I’m still not sure I’m ever going to wear it.  Dina likes the If I Was Your Girlfriend, which is perfect as it washes me out a little, but looks great on her sallow skin.

So do you want to see my shoes?


I’ve had to wait almost two months for them to arrive and they were totally worth the wait.  They’re from a company called Duckfeet, who are based in Denmark.  Duckfeet have been making shoes since 1975, each pair is handcrafted, so no pair are the same.


I know they’re the sort of shoes your mother probably tried to make you wear if you went to school in the 80’s or before, but I love them.  I’ve always struggled to find shoes that fit as I take a size 3.  High heels, have never really been my thing – far too uncomfortable and I spent years living in Adidas trainers and Converse, but my love of knitted socks, means they’re a wardrobe staple now.  I still love Converse, but they kill my feet, which have been affected quite badly by the RA.  I wear lifts now, which have made all the difference thankfully, but they don’t seem to work in cons.


My usual shoes are called Jade, by Red or Dead, but even they’re quite difficult to find in a 3 unless I want them in black, but it’s a colour you’ll rarely find me in these days.  These are from 2015 and are one of 4 pairs I own, the other pairs are tan, jade green and navy, which are my favourites and have long seen better days.


Hence, why I have a lovely new pair of navy Duckfeet, Lolland, which are, if I’m honest, a little too shiny for me at the moment.


Confession time……

I’m about to wear them whilst I walk the dogs on the farm.

Happy Making

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