My Woolly Superhero Cape


Ain’t it lovely?

I’m thinking of calling myself, well actually I can’t tell you exactly what came to mind first as it was a little rude, but how about Woolly Woman?  To be fair the head is often best described as ‘woolly’, so it’s an appropriate alias in more ways than one.

This beauty isn’t my work, it was actually gifted to me for….


My birthday and you’d think at my age I’d have matured?

Of course I knew you’d want to see the blanket it all it’s glory so I persuaded the youngest to follow me outside with the camera.


Unfortunately, the dogs thought this meant walk time


and the wind up here on the farm wasn’t helping either




They still think we’re walking


Look at it in all it’s woolly squishyness.

It’s knitted in Sirdar Big Softie with a variation of the Old Shale stitch pattern.  I’ll count the stitches and let you know next time and I’ll photograph some of my other yarny gifts to share with you too.


Before I go though, this is the beautiful yarn I was sent from my friend too.  I showed it on the Olann and Podcast, but the light blew it out a little.  It’s so lovely, I just want to pet it.  Seriously spoilt I know.

Have a lovely making weekend.

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