A Promise is a Promise

2016-02-24 23.24.34-2

Some of you probably spied this photograph on my Instagram feed from Wednesday night?  I was fully convinced I’d manage to get to the last colour change on my Rainbow Granny Blanket at knitting group, but was far too busy chatting and cooing over Deirdre’s swag from Unravel to speed crochet.

craft guide

Rather stupidly, I also completely forgot to grab the copy of the Yarn in the City, London Craft Guide, that Deirdre collected for me from Unravel as well.  I’ll fill you in all about it when I pick it up from her next time.

You want to see my progress on the blanket don’t you?

2016-02-29 10.16.19

A promise is a promise and whilst I haven’t managed to get the full four rounds completed yet, I’m over half way there so I can share a little peek.

As many of you know by now, I really, really, really don’t do purple, but even I quite like the combination of the red and the purple together.  This duo’s round also really brings the other colours in the blanket to life, but you’re going to have to wait until the next post to see it properly 😛

One last thing, before I go and get on with some Olann and work.


I spotted this today and am convinced it’s been written about me 🙂 The Joy of Leaving Your Sh*t All Over the Place.  The Art of Being Messy, by Jennifer McCartney and Jennifer Palmer, isn’t out until July, but I for one can’t wait.

The book blurb from Amazon makes it sound like it’s going to be rather an amusing read and probably, ahem… rather truthful for some people.

As you know, I’m trying incredibly hard to be more organised and lead a life less cluttered.  One of the things I’ve been incorporating into my routine, is to tidy my desk most evenings.  That way I can sit down in the morning, ready to get on with the days work.

Great in principle, but…..

I spent a good hour the other day looking for 2 sheets of A4 that I’d written loads on, ready to type up.  (My brain works better this way)  I pulled out everything, that I’d neatly tidied away the previous evening; books, knitting patterns, the rubbish bin.  The paper was no where to be found and the office also looked a  shambles too 😦

In a complete light bulb moment, I went off to investigate and yes I did discover them – clipped up neatly behind my Daily Habit sheets 😱

Says everything doesn’t it?

Happy making!



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