Lilly Pond CAL – Clue 2

Cal clue 2This morning saw the release of the second clue for Stylecraft Yarns Lilly Pond Blanket Crochet Along.  I’m not sure how those of you taking part are fairing?  My tension as I’ve mentioned previously is off and by quite a bit 😳

tiny lillyThe block this time is called Tiny Lilly and doesn’t look too difficult (phew).  Having glanced over the pattern quickly though, I have spotted the words sew/sewn  😒 Since when did I sign up for a sew along?

I jest 😉 😉 😉

Having said that this is serious business apparently, if you’ve joined the Lilly Pond Facebook Page you’ll have no doubt seen just how ‘seriously’ some people are taking it 😱 It’s not a race to see who can complete the blocks first and it most certainly shouldn’t be a competition about whose block is better (only my opinion).  Sadly, I’ve noticed several posts from members saying the forum just wasn’t for them and they’ve left because of it.  I’d like to think this will make people think twice before posting anything unbecoming, but I doubt it.  What I do think they should note is that other companies and individuals could be put off of hosting their own CAL/KAL because of it.

Enough chatter, back to the CAL

table 2For the Tiny Lilly blocks you’ll need the shades in the chart above.  Stylecraft Life DK on the left and Stylecraft Special DK substitutions on the right.  Note the Plum and the Fondant shades are only used for the sewing this time.

The next block Lilly Bud will be released on May 5th.

Happy crochet!

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3 thoughts on “Lilly Pond CAL – Clue 2

  1. I’m having some tension issues too. I went down half a hook size to get tension. Block 1 was perfect for width, but about 1cm short in height (c. 13.5cm). Just finished the first of block 2 and its nearly 15cm square. I think I’ll need to either add a row of trebles to block 1 or take the last round of block 2 down from trebles to doubles, depending on how the other blocks turn out. I’m not going to do any blocking until all blocks are made.

    • Hi Deirdre, it’s good to know I’m not alone with my tension dilemma’s. I’ve put this clue to one side until I’ve finished some of the other blocks so I can compare my tension.
      Have you started clue 2?

      • Clue 2 is the one that came out c. 15cm square for me. I think tension won’t matter too much if your proportions are right. The first clue piece should be roughly the same size as three of clue 2 in a row. My clue 1 piece is the right width but a bit short, so I might add in an extra row if the future clues are similar to C2. Hope that helps!!

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