Kye Made This

Just a really quick post to show you what Kye made for his favourite resource hours teacher, Mrs McCarthy.

This week is his last at  National School (primary) and he will be starting secondary school in September.  There have been a lot of changes at the school since he began in 2006 but Mrs McCarthy has always been there and he’s grown very fond of her.

We’d be looking for something nice to give her as a gift and had found loads of ideas on Pinterest (who doesn’t?), so we narrowed down the list and finally decided on this.  He did everything himself including putting it together.


Mrs McCarthy

Brief Instructions (very brief)

We bought a frame in Tesco for €10.50, it’s slightly bigger than A4.

I got Kye to check in his thesaurus for words that have the same meaning as teach and favourite and make a list of words he preferred.

Using word he then selected fonts, sizes and colours for each word and he printed off a test sheet so he could tweak the design a little and then when he was happy he did it again on ‘posh’ paper.

It looks lovely and I’m really proud of him for writing exactly how he feels about her on it too.  Especially as he’s at that age where it’s important to be cool.

Happy Crafting!



6 thoughts on “Kye Made This

  1. That is beautiful. Well done Kye. It’s so inspiring.

    See you soon for my next project. I hope it’s as classy as Kye’s 🙂


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    • He’s completely chuffed with it Anne-Marie and has already decided he’s going to make one for his Aunty Sandra and Uncle Shaun for Christmas. Don’t suppose he’ll pay for the frame though.

  2. Love the present Kye made. So thoughtful. Will mean so much more to the teachers than the usual mug or ‘smellies’.
    Am just LOVING the washcloth pattern Lora. Have plenty odd balls of Tivoli Cruise aran leftover from cardies I’ve made my Mum down through the years. Now I’m like someone possessed knitting these cute cloths.
    Am heading away for a few days and was wondering what knitting project I should take with me?? The cardie I’m making my Mum has a 400g ball of aran yarn dangling from it so thats too big & the multi coloured granny square blanket would involve bringing a sackful of odd balls so that’s out too….SO………. I think I’ll go into production on the washcloths.

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