For 38 Days I’ve Been Moody

I thought it was time to update you all on how my Moody Blanket is progressing.


The first thing I should point out is that it’s definitely taking longer to complete the two rows than it was when I first began.  I think it’s largely to do with the increasing size of the blanket, which means there’s more fabric to move along the needles.  I’m finding I need to allow at least half an hour to complete the two rows now and I expect the time to increase as the blanket does.

Unfortunately I had to use the flash on my camera to take these photos and it’s made the colours much starker than in reality.  The colour changes are (I think) far less noticeable and seem to flow into each other rather nicely.  By using the cream Sirdar Bonus Tweed Aran continuously and only changing the one strand there is a continuity of colour that adds to the blanket’s charm.


One of the best things about knitting the blanket is that it’s warm, even at the size it is now – all 13.5inches of it.  However I guess that might not be so appealing in June, or at least we hope so.


I am really enjoying being able to look over the diary of the last few weeks and am pleased to report that so far I have had :-

2 Tough days

18 OK days

13 Good days

6 Really good days

Not bad considering it’s been dark dismal January.

Happy Knitting!

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