Moody For A Little Over A Week Now

Moody for 11 days
Moody for 11 days

I thought it might be a good time to show you how my Moody Blanket is coming along, 11 days after starting my knitting on Saturday 5th January, which was a good day.

I’m really happy with how the colours are blending together using garter stitch.  You can probably see that there is a fourth shade, because guess what?  Apparently I do have bad days,  of sorts anyway.  The navy is shade 906 in Sirdar Supersoft Aran – a 100g ball not 400g, as I’m still convinced I have very few ‘bad days’.  I’m not even sure it was a bad day; I was extremely tired and my hands were really, really sore, which means completing every task was troublesome, but the rest of the day was OK.  Based on my irksome day I thought it appropriate to include an additional shade.

Of the 11 days so far – 3 have been good
1 has been really good (I got to spend time with lots of my friends at knitting)
1 has been tough
6 have been OK

I love the way the i-cord edge is finishing the blanket off nicely.

I-Cord edge
I-Cord edge

The blanket also looks great on the reverse

The Back
The Back

I see no reason for today’s rows not to be ‘very good’ as it’s my daughters 23rd birthday.  The 16th of January has been one of the best since 1990.  (how old am I???????)

Happy Knitting?

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