Moody Blanket Pattern


Blanket Dimensions

Length 72″/183cm (hopefully)

Width 7.2″/183cm (hopefully)


2 strands of aran weight yarn are used held together.
You will need approximately 2400 metres of your base yarn and then the same amount again in your chosen combination of yarns.  I am using Sirdar Bonus Aran and Sirdar Bonus Aran Tweed and will need 3 x 400g balls of my base shade 929 and probably 2 x 400g of shades 822 & 817 and 1 x 400g of 994.  (I will have loads left for charity knitting)

You will also need around another 20 to 50 metres (doubled) to work your applied i-cord if doing so at both your cast on and cast off ends.

I also used scrap super chunky yarn for my provisional cast on and a 12mm crochet hook.

8mm Needles

Darning Needle


12sts x 18rows on 8mm needles with 2 strands of aran weight yarn held together in garter stitch


k – knit

st(s) – stitch(es)

co – cast on

wyif – with yarn in front

sl – slip next st

sl3 – slip next 3 sts (for applied I-cord)

psso – pass slipped stitch over

K3tog – knit next 3 sts together

Applied I-cord cast off –

*k2, sl 1 k-wise, k1 (this will be 1 of your live sts at the cast off end or from the provisional cast on), psso, sl all 3 sts back onto left needle and rep from* until all sts have been worked.  Three I-cord sts remain on needle, K3tog, break yarn and draw through your final st.


For the i-cord edge you need to use a provisional cast on method and you want 222 sts for the blanket.

I prefer to use the crochet chain provisional cast on, so I chained 228 sts with a 12mm hook and super chunky yarn.

1st row – knit all stitches

For every subsequent row you knit until the last 3 sts, wyif sl3

I’m hoping to knit at least 324 rows or 162 garter stitch ridges. I shall be knitting 2 rows per day.

The I-cord edge is optional. If you are making the blanket without it – using thumb method and holding the 2 strands of yarn together cast on 216 sts and knit every row without slipping the last 3 sts.

If you follow the instructions in Moody Blanket part 1 & 2 you will hopefully end up with a beautiful and personal blanket.

I shall be using an I-cord cast off on my cast on and cast off edges.  Work on your cast off edge first by CO 3 sts using cable cast on method, work I-cord cast off as per instructions above.

Slip cast on sts onto needle and work as for cast off end above.

Sew in your ends, hiding them in the I-cord if you’ve chosen to make it.

This is what my blanket looks like after 2 days


Saturday was a good day whilst Monday was just ok.  The red is my provisional cast on yarn.  I shall try to update on the blankets progress weekly.

Happy Knitting!

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