Easy Rib Scarf For Chernobyl

A speedy rib scarf for Chernobyl

Despite all the wonderful scarf patterns available out there it’s amazing how often I’m asked for basic scarf patterns. A good chunky 2 x 2 rib scarf is in my opinion, one of the best as it’s double sided and unisex.

This one uses 2 strands of double knit yarn held together to produce a chunky effect of course you could also use a standard chunky yarn.  I tend to find I have more double knit yarns in my stash and using 2 different coloured yarns can produce some interesting affects.

Scarf Dimensions

Length 40″/101.5cm

Width 5.5″/14cm


2 Balls Sirdar Crofter Dk

7mm Needles

Darning Needle


Using thumb method cast on 36 stitches.

Work every row in 2×2 rib – (knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches repeat these 4 stitches )

Knit until scarf is as long as desired or all of your yarn is used up – remember to save enough to cast off, approx 3 times the width of the scarf.

Sew in your ends.

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