New Magazine – Prima Makes

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I spied this little number smiling at me from the shelves of Eason in Dungarvan yesterday and was won over instantly.  Containing a hefty 162 pages of things to make, knit, sew, crochet and bake what’s not to like?

Like many of the other ‘lifestyle’ magazines that are available at the moment it is a very photography heavy publication, leading you to aspire to all things quirky, vintage and floral.  In addition to the numerous projects there are ‘Ideas & Inspirations’ and  ‘Spring into Shopping’ sections.  There’s also a great feature on craft courses and workshops and if that wasn’t enough the good people at Prima Makes have also thrown in a couple of sheets of fancy printed paper.

So I imagine you’d like to have a little look at some of my favourite little projects?

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These 3 beauties are called High Flyers, Heaven Scent and Time for Tea.  Soooooo pretty.

2014-02-17 12.20.04The very appropriately hat a Picture is so fantastic I’d actually like one please.  The funky, patchwork laptop case ould make a great gift and Kitchen Stichin’ is for those of us that like a bit of crochet.

2014-02-17 12.16.05The pretty Tunic Top knitted in cotton has sizes from 6-12 months to 5 years and it would be hard to resist the little pairs of Baby’s First Shoes.  Bobtail Bunny is a pocket sized pal worked in 4ply crochet.

2014-02-17 12.21.03

Still more …..

For the bakers amongst us my 3 favourites are the Coconut Doughnuts, Shortbread Flowers and the Peppermint Marshmallows, yummy.

2014-02-17 12.04.05

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to those of you that know me but Daisy Chain is my absolute favourite, isn’t it beautiful?  I hope my crochet is up to it.

If you’re still in need of a little convincing, then the icing on the cake has to be that the magazine comes complete a free kit to make this little mousey pincushion.

2014-02-17 15.04.28

Happy Knitting! (maybe that should be crafting?)

Have a Look at Wendy Duo

duo ball Last week in my post about Hatti the new knitting concept from Peter Pan, I mentioned that Wendy had an adult version which I was knitting up. The Yarn is available in 5 shades each with a co-ordinating pompom and is made up of 78% Acrylic, 12% Mohair &10% Polyester. Each 100g ball has approximately 200m/218yds of lightweight yarn and costs €9.95

Duo palette

There’s a pattern for the hat and a matching scarf on the reverse of the ball band the hat is lovely and can be worn as a slouchy hat or more like a beanie with a fold over band.

2014-02-06 10.05.52


2014-02-06 10.03.34

Having seen the scarf though I think it looked a bit mean, so I experimented a bit and decided a neck warmer made the best use of the yarn.

2014-02-06 10.02.53

2014-02-06 10.06.25

If you’ve bought a ball of Duo and you fancy knitting up the neck warmer here’s the instructions.

Be sure to make your hat first as per the instructions on the ball band, you’ll find it much easier to use a different yarn to sew up the hat and the neck warmer.

With the remaining yarn and 7mm needles cast on 52 stitches loosely and knit in 2×2 rib (Knit 2, Purl 2) until your work measures approximately 20″/50cm.  Cast off stitches loosely and sew cast on edge to cast off edge using a different yarn.  Sew in ends.

I used 8mm needles to cast on and cast off as it’s important to keep your stitches nice and loose for seaming.

Happy Knitting!

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Peter Pan Hatti

2014-01-30 13.12.36

Peter Pan have embraced the idea of ‘quick knits’ with their latest woolly release Hatti.  (technically there is no wool, but you know what I mean)

Hatti is aimed at kids although the knitted hat fits me.  Each ball comes with a free knit and crochet pattern on the ball band and one ball makes one hat complete with colour coordinating pompom for the top!

2014-01-30 13.12.50

It’s made from 80% Acrylic / 20% Polyester and there’s aapproximately  95m / 104 yds in each 50g ball.  The knitted hat uses 5mm needles and I had it made within a couple of hours.  It’s a lovely simple pattern just 2×2 rib with no shaping.

Hatti is available in 4 shades and is €7.15 per ball.


There’s another similar yarn and pompom knit called Duo which I’m knitting up at the moment.  I’ll post about it as soon as I’m done.

Happy Knitting!

How to use Clover Pom-pom Makers

2014-01-13 10.06.31

Being often asked to demonstrate how to use the pom-pom makers from Clover I thought it might be a good idea to pop up a post about them.  Warning though, the post is photo heavy and I’ve tried to cover everything I’ve been asked about them, so apologies beforehand for waffling on a bit.

These clever little gadgets are available in the following sizes with all but the extra large consisting of two makers.

X Small –  20mm & 25mm

Small – 35mm & 45mm

Large – 65mm & 85mm

X Large – 115mm

Clover have also developed heart-shaped pompom makers which I will demonstrate on another post later.

1st Step Open both sides of the maker.

You will notice that it is made up of two separate pieces that slot into each other, this is to allow you to take your completed pompom out.

2014-01-13 10.07.08

2nd Step Begin winding your yarn around one side of the maker

I tend to start from the centre of the semi-circle, holding my yarn against the curve and wrapping my first few turns over the end to secure it.  I’ve had the most success with my pompoms by keeping the yarn fairly taut when covering the arcs.

2014-01-13 10.07.49

Continue to wind the yarn around one side of the maker until it is almost full. Be careful to try and keep it to ensure a more rounded pompom.

2014-01-13 10.11.14

4th Step Break your yarn off, close your first side in and complete the second side of the pompom.

2014-01-13 10.14.20

5th Step Cut a piece of your yarn long enough to tie round your pompom.  Remember to make it long enough as you can use this to sew your pompom on. Then, using sharp scissors and following the groove between either side of the maker, cut around the pompom, making sure you snip each thread completely.

2014-01-13 10.15.17

6th Step Wrap your piece of yarn between either side of the maker and tie in a knot tightly being careful not to break your yarn.  (some wool may not be strong enough to do this, so you can always use a scrap from another kind of yarn)

2014-01-13 10.16.38

7th Step Open both sides of the pompom maker and separate it to reveal your squidgy pompom.  Roll it around in your hands a few times and give it a little trim – don’t cut your ties if you need to sew it on to anything.

2014-01-13 10.17.16

Voilá! Pompom magic.

2014-01-13 10.18.18

Happy Pompoming!

It’s Back – The Big Knit That Is

Yes, it’s that time of year again and as loathed as I am to encourage you to become distracted from knitting for the Irish Premature Baby Charity, the hats are quick and fun to make.  Best of all Innocent give 25c to Age Action for every behatted bottle sold.  The campaign also runs in the UK and the funds raised go to Age UK there.  To be fair the ones pictured above probably aren’t the quickest to make, as lovely as they are.  It’s the basic little ones I’m on about:-

Basic Innocent Smoothie Hat Pattern

4mm needles and double knit yarn

Cast on 28 stitches

Work 2 rows of 1×1 rib (knit 1 stitch, purl 1 stitch)

Work 12 rows of stocking stitch

To decrease

K2tog to end (14sts)

P2tog to end (7sts)

Cut yarn leaving approx 20 cm tail.

Using a blunt ended needle pass the yarn through the remaining stitches and sew the hat up.

Hopefully, your little hat will measure approximately 5 – 7 cms along the bottom and be at least 5cms high.

Add a little pompom to the top

Basic Little Hat

If you fancy it you can of course make some fancy ones and even try for Innocents ‘Hat of the Week’, which means a picture of your hat gets put on the website.

At the moment there isn’t a pattern available on the website but there are pattern ideas everywhere.

Age UK has these from last year –

A Ravelry search produces all these lovely little versions, knitted and crochet –

Knit Today has a few animal versions –

Lottiotta on ravelry made 1 hat a day from October 15th 2009 for the 2010 Big Knit Campaign her blog  has some really nice little pattern ideas.  I like the Spirals Hat

The deadline for hats is 30th November this year and we’ll be aiming to send ours off about a fortnight before the deadline.

38 Hats to Start The Collection

These are ones that were dropped off a little late to us last year so we’ve already got 38.

The hats can be made in knit or crochet and absolutely any colours are acceptable – have some fun.

Happy Knitting!