Happy May


It’s May the 4th and you’re going to be bombarded all day with May the 4th be with you references, so here’s my one.

Have you seen the blanket made using the Star Wars Craft Charts by Leah Fenton?  The beauty of them, is that they can be used in any project.  If you’re a Star Wars fan or you know someone who is, go and check them out.

(I have to apologies for the photos today the light just wasn’t too good, sorry)

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Happy Friday

2016-03-18 09.59.23

I thoroughly enjoyed my morning dog walk, it was beautiful out there and has now turned into the most glorious of days.  Spring is definitely in the air, which has really helped us as we had our Olann and photo shoot earlier.  I’m really excited about this coming issue and I know I’ve said that before, but it really is getting better every time (well I think so)  I’m not sure if it’s because we’re more knowledgeable about the process, or whether we’re just more comfortable with what we’re doing?  Whatever it is, it feels very much like it’s working.

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