Spinning into a Habit


I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying spending some time every day with my spinning wheel and some fibre.

Keeping up with the Tour de Fleece, has given me the incentive to spin ever day and I’ve found it has helped me to get a better understanding of how my Kromski Fantasia wheel works.  It has taken me a couple of years to warm to the Fantasia and for quite a large portion of that time it has sat gathering dust, but now I think it could be time to name it.  I’m still not completely sure if it’s male or female though and maybe that doesn’t matter, except I’m thinking of calling it Elsie or Queenie.

So I guess it must be a she?

Regardless of gender, the wheel and I have grown much more comfortable together and the quick change bobbin, makes everything that little bit easier.  Certainly, I’ve found it much easier to spin merino fibre on it, than on my Ashford Traditional, but more about that in a minute.

I managed to get my days mixed up a little, but I’ve actually only missed one day (Wednesday), I even spun on the official rest day.












The gorgeous blue fibre is a braid that I picked up from Irish Fairytale Yarns when I was visiting the Sheep’s Head Festival in May.  I’ve managed to mislay the band, but I think it’s  probably my favourite, BFL.  I know I’ve put it somewhere for ‘safe keeping’, so it will turn up soon.

The very appropriately named Irish Guild fibre, was a birthday pressie from Deirdre, my good friend and partner in crime on Olann and.  We were travelling somewhere and I was moaning for a good ten minutes about how much merino fibre and I didn’t get on, when she presented me with my gift 😳 Oh, the embarrassment, on my part not hers.  It was such a lovely, well thought out gift and I had even been looking at the colourway myself, so I’ve been determined to spin it.

Happily, I can report that this is the braid that’s won me over.  I’ve still got half of it left to spin, but I’m thrilled with how it’s gone so far.  You can see just how beautiful the colours are coming out in the photo at the top of the page.


Getting to grips with merino, hasn’t been my only success this week, I’ve also discovered the joy of plying from a centre pull ball (yes!!!)  Hands up, the first ball was an exercise in patience and perseverance and very nearly ended up with me throwing my yarn in the bin.  However, after watching several YouTube videos I mastered it.

Note to self: Watch the videos, before next time.


It’s the fibre from Hilltop Cloud, that I showed in my last post.  The finished yarn is a little coarse, so I’m not sure what it will become yet – possibly a pair of mittens.  I love the shades, but am not really feeling the sparkle, still it’s been a great fibre to spin.  I’m completely in love with that warm brown and it’s made me realise that I need to rethink my spinning a little.  As much as I’m drawn to colourful fibre braids, I need to limit my purchases of them and concentrate on more semi-solid or natural shades, as I much more likely to knit with them.

I’m saying this now, but I’m not completely convinced I’ll stick to my plan.  Especially as this has caught my eye.




There has been knitting too, but I’ll tell you about that when I have more than just this to show.

Happy Making

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