Portuguese Knitting Progress


I think I’m really beginning to get the hang of this Portuguese Knitting ♥♥♥ (famous last words).

This hat is the my first attempt at an actual project and it’s not tooooo bad, it’s not great either, but I’m happy to put it out there.

I used an odd ball of the now discontinued, Mirtillo from Adriafil from my stash.  The fibre combination of the yarn is 40%  Acrylic/30% Wool/20% Mohair/10%  Nylon and although it’s a smooth yarn, it definitely has a slightly textured handle to it.  If I didn’t know the actual fibre content, I’d be inclined to think there was more wool in it.


if you look closer at my stitches, you can see that my tension really is quite uneven.  The hat is knit flat, with one row plain, one row purl stocking stitch and there is quite a pronounced difference between the two rows of stitches.


In the Mirtillo, the tension issues are pretty well hidden and as it’s my first attempt, I’m happy to let it go.  The hat is cosy, warm and serves a purpose.  One of my friends had her eye on it and when I see her next I shall be happy to pass it on.  She’s already tried it on and the colour really suits her and she looks great in hats too.


The second attempt has been much more successful, well kind of.  This hat was knitted in the round with the beautiful hank of Spectrum Fibre yarn that Dina bought me last year.  After completing the band I continued to knit this one inside out and by that I mean every row was purl, rather than knit as is usual when knitting in the round..


As you can see the tension is much more even, which just makes the yarn sing even more.  Everyone I’ve shown it to, is so taken with the yarn, that I’m not sure they’re even interested in how chuffed I am about knitting it.

Laid flat like this it looks lovely, it’s my colours, it looks good, the shape is great, the tension is even, but there’s a problem…..


The tension is tight, at least one needle size tighter than the gauge I knit to when I throw my yarn (English style).  Any sensible person might have checked this before they started, they might also have stopped when they realised?  Not me, I ploughed on and finished the hat and it does fit, but it’s a little snug.


Don’t get me wrong, It’s not painfully tight, I’m not having to crowbar my head into it or anything like that.  It’s just gaping a little around my giant, oversized specs and it could do with being a little more slouchy too.  I probably should be good, rip it back and start again, but I’m desperate to wear it and it’s super insulating when I walk the dogs on the farm.  The wind coming over the Knockmealdown Mountains can be seriously biting.

So do I leave it as it is, or re-knit it?

(excuse the bad selfies)


In the meantime, I’ve managed to knit the front and back of the Corner Office Vest, that I showed on the last episode of the Olann and Podcast.  All Portuguese Knitting, well except for the cast on and cast off anyway.  There is a special technique for both, but I’m happy using my current methods at the moment.

I’m hoping I’ll find the time to get the arm and neck bands done this week, but the publishing date for the next issue is drawing closer and there’s still lots to do.


Before I go, I must just mention the podcast properly.  Despite both of our fears, we really enjoy filming each episode.  This one was a bit of a baptism of fire as we had loads of technical issues, but we stuck with it and as you’ll see, we had such a giggle.  Never again will I be able to look at a handmade candle in the same way, but if you want to know what I’m talking about you’ll have to watch it to find out.

Happy Making

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