Knitted Sock Love


Knitted socks what’s not to love?

I flashed my latest knitted footwear on Episode 8 of The Olann and Podcast, but they still need to be documented here.

Apologies if you saw them already , but I must gush.


The first are possibly a little ridiculous, but than again I’ve been known to do worse.  I knitted one of these socks to include in a piece I wrote for Olann and called Socks 101.  As you can see, I knitted each section of the sock in a different colour, to better demonstrate what’s, what.  I knitted the one for the article in my size, with the sole (sorry) intention of making a second, so I could wear them in bed.  I have and I can happily report that they are the best fitting pair of bed socks I’ve ever owned.  So much so I can see a few more pairs in my future.

I used 5mm needles with Wendy Serenity Chunky and Wendy Mode Chunky yarns.  I’ll include the shades on my Ravelry project Page, when I get round to writing it up.  If you wear socks in bed, or just to pad around the house in, you have to make yourself a pair.

I used my own knitting recipe and tweaked the numbers.  This did cause me a few problems as the French Toe I prefer to knit, works on numbers dividable by 3.  So the toe is a little fudged, but I’ll know for next time.


Next up, it’s my first pair of aran weight knitted socks.  Surprisingly enough, they’re not as thick as you’d imagine.  The yarn I used was Opal XLarge Sock and my needles were 4mm.  I tweaked the numbers again, but ended up grafting the toes this time.


I tried a couple of different options first, French and a Shortened Circle, but I wasn’t happy with either.  I’m still not completely satisfied with the grafted toe, as I can never get the first and last stitches to sit really well, despite my best efforts.  In truth, you don’t notice it when you wear them and I guess that’s the most important consideration.


Last but not least are these beauties – I feel like they warrant a drum roll or fanfare.  Aren’t they pretty?

I’m under no illusions, the yarn has to take all of the credit.  I love them so much, I’m not even going to wear them until it’s warm enough for shoes.  (I took the main photo wearing shoes, but gave up after an hour and put some boots on)


The yarn was part of the Reindeer Games Holiday Collaboration and was dyed by Rock and String Creations in Kentucky.  It came with a small wedge zippered project bag from Whimzee Stitches Designs in New Orleans.

There are currently two pairs of socks on the needles and I have discovered another two pairs in the sin bin.  Actually, there are three, if you count the lace pair I mentioned on the podcast some episodes back.  I may well end up pulling one of the pairs back, as I made a mistake near the beginning and carried on knitting, convinced it wouldn’t bother me, but it does.


The hands are quite sore lately and I’m not disciplined enough to reduce the amount of knitting I do, so I have to find distractions instead.  These lovely fabrics, are just that, I’ve signed up to a quilting class for ten weeks.  I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll really take to and if I do, I imagine I’ll end up with lots of nine, twelve or sixteen square patch quilts, as anything else seems far too complicated at the moment.

I will keep you posted as to how I get on, so far I’ve only managed to select my colours, that was an effort in itself.  There’s these three and a turquoise/aqua and I’m planning on making a nine patch square, this time round.  I plan to cut some strips up and begin sewing them together later today if I get a chance.

I hope your Monday is a good one?  Today I have officially become the parent of a 27 year old child – BLIMEY!

27, yes I did say 27, it doesn’t seem to matter how often I say it, it’s not getting any better.  It seems like only yesterday that Dina was running around like a lunatic and taking her clothes off any chance she got.  Fortunately, she’s grown out of the habit, or else we could have a whole heap of other issues to deal with, not least the guards turning up.

So I’m off to walk my dogs and repeat the mantra ‘It’s ok to have a 27 year old daughter’, loudly to myself.  Hopefully, by the time we’ve finished a circuit of the farm, I’ll have come to terms with it a bit more.

Happy Making

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