Mini Yarn Balls


I was rather taken with the Opal Advent Calendar last year, but it would be rather naughty of me to buy one again.  My sock yarn stash is ever growing, almost on a weekly basis of late (shamefully.  I might even count 2016 sock yarn purchases, before the end of the year – if I’m feeling brave.

I’m not alone either, quite a few of my friends are partial to sock yarn and I’d been considering suggesting we have a mini swap for some time now.  Then it occurred to me one evening, that we could combine the Advent thingy with a mini swap.

After discussing it with my knitterly friends and ruling out 24 minis, I thought the idea was doomed, but then there’s always the Twelve Days of Christmas, isn’t there?  Better still they run from Christmas Day until the 5th of January.  So the mini swap will be even more fun and the festivities (good or bad), will continue.

Wanting to do something a little more special, than just filling a jar with mini’s, I put my thinking head on and came up with the idea of mini bags.  Harping back to my days of papercrafting, I remembered making bags from envelopes.  After a few trials with different envelopes, I found an easy way of achieving what I was after.

Drum roll please………


The weather is playing havoc with my digital broadband connection and everything is taking so long to upload.  Hopefully, the rain will clear tomorrow and I’ll be able to pop the tutorial up then.

Happy Making

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