Knitting – My Cast on Mania


This week is a good week (so far anyway), we’re waiting on test results, but it’s going to be all good I can feel it in my bones.  If were being honest, some of my favourite people, no longer inhabit the same world as me, so the least they can do is look after the other important to me, people.  It’s not too much to ask now is it?

Enough nonsense, lets talk knitting and yarn…..

This chap as you probably all know by now, is my eldest son, Du (that’s when he’s not pretending to be Deirdre for Olann and).

He is sporting a much worn neck warmer, that I made him a couple of weeks ago now, but forgot to post here.

It’s knitted in Rico Design Merino Aran on 5mm needles and as you can see I’ve infected him with the blue thing too.


Of course, I can’t find my notes now, but I think I cast on 72 stitches, which I joined in the round and knitted until it was about 25cm long.


Du suffers with neck pain, which gets worse when he gets cold.  Hes a plumbing and heating engineer by trade and is working on a site at the moment, so needed something to keep the chill off.


It couldn’t be anything to bulky and needed to be something that would sit under his work fleece.  This as you can see works perfectly, or at least it did.  Apparently, it keeps rolling down now, so it’s back to the drawing board.  I was toying with a looser ribbed version (can’t be too tight either), or maybe making it double the length.  If I knit it longer I think I might knit bands of stocking stitch separated with bands of reverse stocking stitch.  Alternatively, I might make him something that resembles the top third of the front and back of a jumper, with a polo neck.

If you have know anything else I could try, I’d love to hear so please let me know.


Deirdre and I were recording an episode of the podcast for Olann and at the weekend, which was the usual mix of trepidation and giggling.  This episode contains a little adult humour, wip’s, fo’s, a Naughty Little Bugger or two and lots of lovely items that We Just Had to Have, including…..


The hank on the right is The Corpse Bride sock yarn, from Green Elephant Yarn, that one of my knittely friends, kindly collected from the Knitting & Stitching Show for me.  On the left it’s Don’t Dream it’s Over sock yarn from Fine Fish Yarn. I purchased it from the last Irish Dye Junkie’s Market Night, the theme of which was Power Ballads.


This beauty, arrived last week from Dina (my daughter) in Brighton.  I’m completely spoilt I know.  It’s a mahoosive tote bag from Fringe Supply, purchased in Yak.  I think I’m going to attach some poppers along the top to keep those pesky moths out.


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen this picture, which means I’ve finally cast off my Vitamin D Cardigan.  I knitted it a little longer in the end and it’s currently blocking, although there are still ends to sew in.  Which I will make myself do, just so I can show it as an fo, on the next episode of the podcast.

There’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction you get when casting off, except…

Maybe the excitement of casting on 💖 💖 💖

Why cast on 1 project, when you can cast on more?


  1. Flaum


2. Socks


3. Cardi on the needles tonight

4. Is a test knit, so I’ve no photo to show you just now.  Maybe next time.

Happy making

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