I Have Been A Bad Blogger


It’s time I cam clean, put my hands up and admit to being terrible at blogging over the last month.  Every week I had planned my posts, I was even knitting projects ready to post about them here and something inevitably went wrong.

There were the cowls I was knitting for 2 of my friends – I did managed to persuade Dina (my daughter) to model one to photograph for a post, but I only managed to take one before I got distracted.  Still I do have one, so I shall post the pattern up.

There were also the cushions we knitted for a much loved member of our knitting group who was leaving.  The cushions were knitted in a lovely raspberry shade of Rico Pompon and looked lovely.  Again, I have the pattern but no pictures?????

There’s also the mitts I knitted for a friend – no pic again!!!!!

As you can probably guess the problem is the photography.  Invariably I do not have my camera with me, or it isn’t charged, or I start to take the photographs and I get distracted.  Whatever the reason, the truth is I’m bloody useless at it, so one of my New Years resolutions for 2013 must be to try harder to use my camera.

Hopefully if I get a little better it may even end up reflecting here.

Happy New Year for 2013 – lets hope it’s a good one.

Happy Knitting!

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