Help! Where Has My Creativity Gone?

Where has it gone?

Have you ever had one of those weeks when you just have sooooooo much going on that you just can’t seem to find the time to be creative?

Yes, I have had an extremely busy week; first there was the two assignments that had to be in for Tuesday and two assessments that also took place on Tuesday. A friend was also in hospital so I went to see her – she’s out now thankfully.  Apparently it’s OK for a hospital to discharge you and send you home even when they have no idea what’s wrong with you?

Then of course there was the Stash Dash. It worked, I think. Yippee!  All the feedback we’ve had has been really positive and I think those that were a little unsure of what it was all about will be better prepared next time.  I intend on trying to do two Stash Dashes a year so they’ll usually  be a little more seasonal.  I had to try very hard not to add to my stash – I’m not sure I have anymore room – I don’t think the odd pack counts.  At least one pack of Twilley’s Spirit Chunky may have worked it’s way into my stash.  I don’t have to feel guilty though as my friend knits for me (as I can never seem to find the time) and the yarn is earmarked for this rather nice waistcoat/short sleeve cardi.

One for Jill to knit – hopefully.

I’d also become quite stressed over the robe I’d made for the Naming Day ceremony of one of my good friend’s baby.  I was pretty sure her and her hubby would like it but you never know.  I’d designed it before the baby was born and we were unsure what kind it was going to be.  Boy, girl, possibly martian (only because their massive geeks, pretty sure they also won’t have a problem with me saying so either).  I’d put off giving it to the proud parents as the truly beautiful Emily was a little dinky when she was born – 6lb 12oz – and the naming ceremony is happening a month earlier than I first thought.  They love it though, they really do, and I am over the moon that I got it right and that I could do this for them. It’s so great when a plan comes together (A-Team fans anyone, I mean the real one circa 1980s. Yes, I am actually that old).

A sneaky pic of part of the robe

The rest of my week has thus far been spent cleaning, tidying, washing, cooking (two hours today – madness) and generally being very non-creative.  I have managed to make a delightful little pair of preemie booties, but they’re so small I’m not sure they count.  I’ve also knitted the hat in the first picture, to add sizes to the hat design I’ve been using for the Chernobyl Collection.

It’s meant to fit an average woman’s head – proof if ever it was needed that I’m not your average woman!

2 thoughts on “Help! Where Has My Creativity Gone?

  1. She is our little geek baby,( thank god no matian in her). The robe is STUNNING!!!!! She looks amazing in it. Thank you so so so much. It is a beautiful gift you really are a KICK ASS friend.

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