Knitting With Giant Needles


Included with our regular delivery of books from The Book people this month was Knitting with Giant Needles by Hanna Charlotte Erhorn and published by Dorling Kindersley.

If I was to be completely honest, on first glance I wasn’t that impressed with the content of the book however, I decided to give it a proper chance.   Armed with a cuppa I spent some time perusing the pages and have since revised my opinion.

Using big needles or crochet hooks isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.  Big tools can be a little different to get use to holding and you will probably have to change your technique a little, but the speed with which you can finish a project is fantastic.  I love the look of chunky stitches and the added interest they bring from the texture.  Big knitting is a great way of incorporating knitting into your home with chunky cushions and throws, bathmats and even wall hangings.

Back to the book…..

As you might expect with a book from DK, everything is photographed beautifully and explained very clearly.  There are a couple of pages at the front of the book discussing chunky needles and yarns and towards the back of the book there is a great techniques section covering basic knitting, sewing up and crochet.

In total there are 35 projects in the book, most of them would fall under the heading ‘accessories’ or ‘frippery’ , however most of them are cute and quirky and would make great gifts.

My only complaint is that there isn’t a pattern included for the beautiful, crochet hearts shown on page 9 of the book, but I’m sure Attic 24 has a version on her blog.

I’ve picked 5 of my favourites to show you

Soft Baskets


Draught Excluder
Draught Excluder


Bobble Hat
Bobble Hat


Zippy Purse
Zippy Purse


Cat House
Cat House


This one to be fair is a little questionable

Cosy Footwarmer
Cosy Footwarmer

Overall not a bad little book for The book People price of €8 and it would be a great book to give with a couple of balls of super chunky yarn and a set of big needles as a gift to a newbie knitting friend.

Happy knitting!

Super Chunky Mistake Rib Cowl


Having managed to persuade my usual model to pose for a picture, you can no doubt see how she feels about it.

Mistake rib is a great stitch pattern to use for scarves/cowls as it gives you a double sided fabric rather than one with a definite front and back (like stocking stitch).  The easiest way to remember the pattern is to cast on an odd number of stitches, in this instance I used 17.  With an odd number of stitches every row of your scarf will be the same.


We managed to wrap the cowl around Dina 3 times, but the friend it was made for is very tall and tends to wear it wrapped round her neck twice.  if you want to make it wider and a little shorter cast on 2 extra stitches (the pattern remains the same).

Cowl  Dimensions

Length 180cm/70″

Width 23cm/9″


5 Balls Sirdar Big Bamboo

10mm Needles

Darning Needle


k – knit

p – purl

st(s) – stitch(es)


Using thumb method cast on 17 stitches.

Work every row as follows – knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches repeat these 4 stitches to last st, K1

Work until almost all of your yarn has gone ensuring you save enough to cast off loosely (approximately 3 times the width of your knitting).

Sew cast on edge to cast off edge in order to make a large ring and sew in ends.

Tip – When joining in a new ball of yarn try to do this somewhere along the row rather than at the beginning of a row as usual.  This will help to keep the edges of the cowl tidy and means your ends can be better hidden.